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Images slow down Website speed, So in order to maintain your website performance, you must do image optimization for WordPress. If you want to do proper image optimization then you need the best WordPress plugin for image optimization. In this article, we will test the Top 5 WordPress plugin for image optimization and also we will show you how you can optimize images without a plugin.

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When it comes to WordPress image optimizer then we have a lot of options and every image optimization plugin claim that they are best.

So here we will find out which one is actually best to use for image optimization for WordPress. We select 5 image optimization plugin and we are going to test them one by one.

How to optimize images for web without losing quality?

If you want to optimize images for web without losing quality then there is an easy and effective solution. There are two websites Tinypng.com and shortpixel.com. These two sites provide web image optimization without any charge and limit. You can optimize unlimited images. Generally, Tinypng compresses up to 75% of an image without losing quality and shortpixel compresses up to 70%. Both of this web optimizer is Ad-free.

The 5 image optimization plugin we’ll compare

Here are the list of 5 wordpress image optimizer that we are going to compare and test.

  • resmush.it image optimizer
  • smush image compression and optimization
  • shortpixel image optimizer
  • ewww image optimizer
  • Imagify Image optimizer

Hands-on tests of Five wordpress plugin for image optimization

The main thing is we are not going for a paid version of these image optimization plugins. We will use the free version and give you a final report, Which free image optimization plugin is best for your WordPress website.

Testing each wordpress image optimizer with PNG file

Here is The Subject of PNG file:

wordpress image optimizer test
PluginFormetFile SizeReduceNew Size
resmush.itPNG244 KB45.76%82 KB
SmushPNG244KB7%226.92 KB
ShortpixelPNG244 KB67%83.5 KB
EWWWPNG244 KB14.3%146.9 KB
ImagifyPNG244 KB88.39%27.84 KB

Sticking with Default settings and free plan, It’s clear that Imagify is the winner. But reducing the maximum is not final. There are many things to notice like interface, Service, and quality. We will go through one by one. In the end, you will get the ultimate one.

Testing each wordpress plugin for image optimization with JPG file

Here is The Subject of JPG file:

wordpress image optimizer test
PluginFormetFile SizeReduceNew Size
resmush.itJPG280 KB2.02%238 KB
SmushJPG280 KB1.02%279.9 KB
ShortPixelJPG280KB68%92.3 KB
EWWWJPG280 KB67%96.4 KB
ImagifyJPG280 KB71.27%80.44

PNG and JPG file optimization has a wide difference but again the winner is Imagify with maximum optimization of 71.27%. Of course, image optimization is our first priority.

Imagify optimizes maximum so Imagify is the best image optimization plugin for WordPress but is it the ultimate or complete image optimization plugin for WordPress? Maybe or Maybe not.

Our main goal is to give you a completely free image optimization plugin for your WordPress website. We compare the performance but now we will compare interface, service, user experience, and how much good for free service.

Interface, User experience, & Price

Optimization is our main goal but if any plugin has an optimization limit with the free version or has a hard interface to maintain or impact on site speed then we will compromise with these plugins. At the end of the article, you will get a complete WordPress plugin for image optimization.

resmush.it image optimizer

resmush.it image optimizer

resmush.it is a completely free image optimization plugin for WordPress. It is easy to maintain and it has an easy interface to optimize. Once you click on Optimize all images then it will optimize all of your images without knowing you. You don’t need to click on optimize images after add new images.

It will optimize all of your images from the backend.

how to optimize images for web without losing quality

You can select your own image optimization quality. The default quality is 92. You can upgrade it up to 100 and downgrade up to 0. The more the number, the best the quality. There is nothing about resmush.it image optimizer. Super simple, clean, and easy to use.


remush.it is a completely free wordpress plugin for image optimization. It has no premium version and has no limitation of uses. You can use every kind of feature of this wordpress image optimizer. reSmush.it allows us to optimize pictures up to 5MB, for free.


  • Completely Free
  • Auto Image optimization and Also manual option
  • Image quality maintain Option
  • Image Optimization STATISTICS
  • File logging option for developers
  • Easy to use wordpress image optimizer

Smush image compression and optimization Plugin

smush image compression and optimization

Smush wordpress image optimizer has a clean and Simple Dashboard to easily optimize your images. It can speed up your website by Compressing and resizing your images. But there is something about Smush that is, in our Image optimization report Smush did minimum optimization as like 7% reducing for PNG and 1.2% for JPG file.

Smush has no Auto optimization option for the free plan. That means every time when you upload a picture you have to optimize it manually. Then You can’t optimize more than 50 images at a time.

smush image compression and optimization

Another thing is, images optimization stopped when you go to another page of your website. That means Smush can’t perform from the backend. Smush also offers lazy load with the free version but the Lazy load performs worst.


Smush image compression and optimization plugin has a free version but not very useful. It has also a premium version that starts at $6/month and you can get it $5/month if you choose a yearly plan. Smush Pro services


  • Has a Free Version
  • 50 images optimization only At a time
  • Lazy load enable
  • Automatic image compress option
  • Image resizing

Shortpixel image optimizer

shortpixel image optimizer

Shortpixel is a freemium, easy to use, comprehensive, stable, and frequently updated image compression plugin. In order to start with the Shortpixel image optimizer first, you need an API that you will get with an easy method. You just have to give your email address and they will send you the API. Then you will be eligible for the free version.

Shortpixel image optimizer setup

It has three compression Type. Those are:

Lossy compression : Offers the best compression rate.

Glossy compression: Creates images that are almost pixel-perfect identical to the originals.

Lossless compression: The resulting image is pixel-identical with the original image.

Shortpixel image optimization plugin provides maximum image optimization. In our test, it optimizes 67% for PNG images and 68% for JPG images. It also has an online image optimizer. Now you can optimize images without a plugin.


Shortpixel has a free version but you can optimize only 100 images a month. If you need more then choose their premium plan, 10,000 images at $9.99.


  • 100 images/month optimization
  • Maximum image optimization
  • Compress JPG, PNG, GIF images, and also PDF documents
  • Image optimization Report
  • Auto image optimization
  • Image resize

EWWW image optimizer

ewww image optimizer

EWWW image optimizer is one of the best image optimization plugins for wordpress. Not because it optimizes 67% of the JPG file but also it can optimize PNG, GIF, and PDF documents of a website. It has a clean and easy to maintain Dashboard. EWWW image optimizer also shows your optimization score.

ewww image optimizer settings

Here is a Option named Easy Mode. You can automatically optimize images by using thid mode. Lazy load option is also available. EWWW Image Optimizer help you make your site faster, improve your bounce rate, and boost your SEO.


EWWW image optimizer is free to use. It is the only optimizer that has no limits on file size. You can also pay for API access if you do want to offload the work to someone else’s server but it’s unnecessary.


  • Free to use and no File Size Limitation
  • Optimize almost every kind of file like(JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF)
  • Optimization is very fast
  • Shows optimization status and statistics
  • Easy Mode for Auto optimization

Imagify image optimization plugin for wordpress

Imagify image optimization plugin for wordpress

Imagify has the most wonderful looking and clean Dashboard to optimize your images. You can start optimization with just one click. Imagify can help you to speed up your website with proper image optimization. Imagify was our all-time winner. It optimizes the maximum.

imagify image optimizer setup

In order to start with Imagify free plan, You have to submit your e-Mail account and then the API key. It is a easy process to start.

It has three optimization level: 1. Normal 2. Aggressive and 3. Ultra. Aggressive is the best choice.


Imagify has a free version. You can start with the free version but it has limitation. If you need more then you can start with the premium plan.


  • Easy to optimize
  • Free to use but has limitations
  • Optimization is very fast without losing quality
  • Normal, a lossless compression algorithm. The image quality won’t be altered at all.

Which one is the best wordpress plugin for image optimization?

After explaining and real-time testing all of the plugins, now its time to find the best one. Actually, all of these plugins are best depends on everyone’s need. Here, we will give the award to the ultimate free image optimization plugin.

Smush: It’s optimization is very low and you can optimize 50 images at a time.

Imagify: Optimization is very good but only 100 images/month. You can use it if your website don’t have much images.

EWWW image optimizer: Very good plugin. Easy to use and fully free. No limitations of file size.

Imagify: Best image optimization plugin because it optimizes the maximum but you can optimize a few images with the free version. If you are planning to go for the Premium version then buy the Imagify image optimization plugin.

reSmush.it: A lightweight, easy to maintain, simple, and clean plugin. Can maintain image quality. Automatically optimize images without losing quality. Fully free and no limitations.

So the winner is EWWW image optimizer & reSmush.it. You can use one of them. I personally use reSmush.it for my website images optimization.

WordPress optimize images without plugin

Images optimization is very important to maintain website speed and performance. Optimize images with only WordPress image optimization plugin is not the only way, you can also optimize images without plugin.

wordpress optimize images without plugin

Go to tinypng.com. Insert your images and it will optimize your images without any charge.

This online tool is awesome because no ads and also you can optimize unlimited images without any charge.

Lastly, download your compressed images.


  • Up to 20 images at a time
  • 5MB maximum for each image

How Do We Optimize Images for our Website?

Well, we followed two steps to optimize our images and it helps to maintain our website speed.

Back in the days, when we visit our contents maximum time all of the images can’t load or takes time to load. It increases my page load time and we lost traffic. Then we figure out this method to solve our problem.

In the first step, we go to Tinypng.com then compress our images that we are going to use. We had resmush.it WordPress image optimizer installed on our website when we upload images it optimizes automatically. This method helps us to optimize almost 70-80% of our images without losing quality.


The main purpose of this article is to give you an easy and effective solution to optimize images for your website. Another goal is to give you a completely free image optimization plugin for WordPress. After reading this article you will find your ultimate wordpress plugin for image optimization and a way to optimize images without a plugin. If you follow our steps then you can optimize 70-80% of your images.

Comment below which plugin you like too much and started to use and also how is our optimization technique.

Top 5 Wordpress plugin for image optimization (Tested)
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Top 5 Wordpress plugin for image optimization (Tested)
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