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WordPress is the most popular content management system. It is user-friendly and easy to use but there are some general issues that create problems. One of the major problems is the Website not loading properly. There are so many issues that come when we try to solve this problem. Now we will try to solve the WordPress website is not loading problems. Let’s find the solutions.

When your website is loads slow you must speed up your WordPress website otherwise you can lose traffic and ranking. Google launches their Core web vitals guideline where it’s clear that every website should pass the core web vital score otherwise it will hurt your ranking. Read our article “How to Optimize google core web vitals for WordPress

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How Do I clear my cache?

The cache is a hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests. The cache is generally used to faster load time but on the website, it takes storage and work opposite. So admin should have optimized website cache. In WordPress, there are so many plugins to optimized/clear cache. here we show you the best plugin. Auto Optimize WordPress plugin is one of the best plugin optimizing your site really easy. It can aggregate, minify and cache scripts and styles, inject CSS in the page head by default but can also inline critical CSS and defer the aggregated full CSS, moves and defers scripts to the footer and minifies HTML. You can optimize and lazy-load images, optimize Google Fonts, async non-aggregated JavaScript, remove WordPress core emoji cruft and more. By installing Autoptimize plugin you can optimize your website.

Why Website not loading properly?

10 reasons for slow website loading & How to Fix it Click To Tweet

Hosting is not so good or fast?

Some Websites not loading properly, images not loading on WordPress website and WordPress site not working on mobile These issues come because of hosting. There are so many hosting providers and they provide a lot of hosting packages. If we use a shared hosting package then we should know in a shared hosting package one server is used by so many websites. So if one site gets more traffic at that time your site will become slower. In that case, contact with your hosting provider to ensure is this happened for your hosting. They will tell you why this happened or you can check it by own.

Gtmetrix for testing website speed. This website will tell you how is your website speed and where to improve.

website not loading properly

Page Speed Insights is a google speed checker. This website also tells you your site speed score.

If you find that your hosting is not enough faster according to your website then change it. If you are using shared hosting then you go for VPS hosting. Go for the best deals with Namecheap hosting provider. They are fast and secure.

What exactly is a server?

A server is a computer, a device or a program that is dedicated to managing network resources. The server stores all of your website data so that when user command for anything from your website server gives a response to your visitors. A server is a computer program or device that provides a service to another computer program and its user. A server is a place where the data store. So the server is hardware but it is based on software.

WordPress is not up to date with Plugins

This is not a big issue for this problem but sometimes it’s fact. When your plugins version is not matched with your PHP version then it breaks your images, features that you add through plugins. All update your WordPress version and update your plugin.

websites not loading properly in all browsers

Heavy theme and nulled theme

The heavy theme is a major cause that the website is not loading properly or it takes to much time to load. This happened in many free themes. Sometimes people download themes from unauthorized websites. They provide so many viruses and unnecessary data with the theme. This virus may cause slow loading. Sometimes images not loading on the WordPress website because of this problem. In that case, the premium theme is more preferable but if your budget is is low then choose the theme from the authorized site.

wordpress site not loading properly

WordPress is the most authorized site for free themes. It provides so many themes. There are thousands of themes placed at WordPress. Get a fast-loading WordPress theme for your website.

Optimize images of a slow loading website

Image is a major problem for a website that takes so many times to load. The image takes big storage of website hosting. Images take so many time if it is big in size and not optimized well. Optimized does not mean it will harm your image quality, not at all. Optimization needs because there are so many metadata attached with an image it should be removed. Sometimes one image takes 3-4mb it is too much for a website.

Suppose you write an article and you add 20 images. If each image contains 1MB that means your one article is about 20MB or more. That means if your website has 100 content that means it’s around 2GB. It is very hard to load with 2GB. Optimized images load so fast because there is no other data to load.

We will provide two ways to get rid of this problem. One is the website to compress images and the other is image optimization plugin. You can use both is this. I personally use these two methods. is a picture compressed website. Here you can compress your pictures.

As you can see it compressed 74kb image into 12kb but it’s not reducing its quality. You can use this website to compress your images so fast. You can compress unlimited images there is no limitation but at a time you can compress 20 images. It turns the images into PNG and JPEG format.

After compressing images from the TinyPng website you can use the WordPress image optimization plugin for optimized images automatically. There are a lot of free image optimization plugins available in WordPress. you will mention the most popular plugins and you can choose any of them.

website not loading properly
wordpress site not loading properly

Here we prefer two plugin and Smush image optimization plugin. These two plugins are free to use and both have premium versions. These plugins will optimize your images automatically.

Enable Lazy Load

Enable Lazy loading images. Lazy loading images help you to load your images more fastly. That is why you need to enable lazy load. This is a Jetpack plugin and it helps to load images faster. Download and activate this plugin and go to setting then click on performance then enable “Enable lazy Loading for images”. You are done.

Warnings: If you are using premium theme then sometimes premium theme offers lazy load inbuilt. If this happened then your pictures will not be shown on the browser that time you have to disable Lazy load from the jetpack.

Unnecessary plugins cause slow Loading

wordpress plugin

If you are running WordPress plugin then you must have so many plugins installed. Plugins give extra functionality on a website so that it takes time to load. If you have so many plugins install then it’s normal to takes to much time to load. Then sometimes it’s a fact that the website not loading properly. So check your plugins and try to uninstall all the unnecessary plugins. Plugins may add so many functions but it also takes space in your storage. When a user tries to visit on your website all of the codes, and popups have to load.

Image resolution wider then screen

Here you can see different types of resolution pictures on the home page. Some thumbnails and different resolution pictures. If your pictures are not optimized for this resolution it will take to much time to load. Optimized pictures with resolution. We previously introduced with two image optimization plugin and Smush image. This plugin will help you to optimize your images with resolution.

Use CDN( Content delivery network)

CDN is necessary to increase website speed. Your server might have in the USA or Canada or somewhere else. If your user wants to visit your website from a different country then it will take more time to load. Suppose your server is in Canada and a user wants to visit from India then the path is very far from your server. So for the long-distance is take a long time to load. If you use CDN it will give you a second server that will place the middle of the earth. Then any user from anywhere wants to visit on your website has to pass the same distance.

This is the structure of a Content delivery network

cloud flare structure

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a fast content delivery network (CDN) service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers globally with low latency, high transfer speeds, all within a developer-friendly environment. CloudFront is integrated with AWS – both physical locations that are directly connected to the AWS global infrastructure, as well as other AWS services.

Cloudflare Content delivery network

wordpress site not loading

Cloudflare helps to improve website speed, Reducing bandwidth costs, Increasing content availability and redundancy, and Improving website security.

Use any of those CDN. Two of them have a free version and a premium version. Firstly I suggest using free CDN after that if you need premium then buy premium CDN. Two of them are best and highly trusted. You can choose any of them without any hassle.

Unnecessary videos slows website load

Videos take a large space in hosting. If you want to upload videos on your website then you must need high speed hosting like VPS or dedicated server. If your server is enough fast then upload videos. Generally, videos take large space but if you optimized those then it will take less then unoptimized videos. There are so many unnecessary videos uploaded on websites you must take care of them. if your website has unnecessary videos it will take too much time and sometimes WordPress site not loading properly. It not only takes too much time but also harms your website rank. So, delete all of your videos that are not useful for your website.

Slow internet connection

If your internet connection is slow then you will see your website is not loading properly but others will browse your website easily. If you face this type of problem must check your internet connection.

So many google ads or third party ads

google ads for websites

If you have an Adsense website then you must have ads on your pages and posts. It is normal but if you placed so many ads on your website it will take too much time to load on pages. If you want to rid of this problem placed 2-3 ads on pages.

There is a plugin Ad inserter this plugin will help you to ads on different pages. You don’t have to place different ads on different pages. You will insert 3-4 ads script then it will show every page and posts.

Install this plugin on your website and placed ads on different paces where you want. You can select the places and conditions. Download from here

These are the factors that are why the website not loading properly. I personally face all of these problems from time to time and solve them by my one. These are my own suggestions and all of the causes are general and most common. maybe there are also so many problems that I can’t mention here but we will give you an update from time to time.


End of the article you will know why your website loads very slow and how to fix it. Basically a website takes 1.5-2 sec to load if the website is faster. When a visitor visits a website and gives any command first the command goes to the website server, then the server took the command and gives a response. After that, the signal gives an output to the visitor. Thus, the main purpose of a web server is to store and transfer web site data upon the request of a visitor’s browser. Every web server and computer that is connected to the internet is assigned an IP address that identifies that device on the network. Web servers are an integral part of the way the internet works.

Hey, I am the guy behind Actually, when I start using Wordpress I was very curious about customizing my website with New themes and Add new features with plugins but I always try to do things with free themes and plugins. Every time I try to figure out the best themes and plugins I faced different problems and gain different kinds of experiences. That's why I decided to start a blog where I will share and suggest the best theme and plugins so that you can find the best things for your websites.

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