What are the top web hosting companies

What are the top web hosting companies? or best web hosting companies is a common question for almost every new Website owner or Who wants to start his first Website.

In this article, we will cover personal opinions on the best web hosting companies. There are a lot of web hosting companies available and most of them are very popular like Bluehost, Hostgator, and Namecheap.

Most people choose one of these web hosting companies to start their websites. I am one of them but the question is are they really worth it?

Here, I am going to breakdown all of the things about these top web hosting companies. I will share my personal experience with this hosting. So without any further let’s get started.

Namecheap web hosting review

web hosting companies review

I have been using Namecheap for more than two years for several websites. When I was thinking to launch my website then I look forward to value for money web hosting and then I found Namecheap as the best option. I am fully satisfied with the NameCheap service.

I have no problem with their server speeds and solid server uptime, in fact, I am very much satisfied. Once my website speed falls down and I thought maybe their server fall down.

Then I contacted their support team and told them that maybe their server speed falls down. After that, they come with good feedback. They check my website and server speed then insure me their server speed is fine but my website needs optimization. They gave me some instructions and after I followed them my website speed increase.

Namecheap Hosting Plan

Namecheap includes some features with their hosting plan like free SSL certificate, free website builder, domain name, and privacy protection. All of these features help to make a secure and perfect website. Their customized control panel is user-friendly.

One thing they never mention that is when you try to buy their hosting plan they will offer you a free domain for the first year. Many people think they can buy any extension like .com,.net or .info but it’s not like that. They will offer you some unpopular domain extension that you may not like.

I recommend Namecheap Shared hosting plan for small websites like blogging or affiliate website. Because the end of the day Namecheap is value for money hosting providers. If you are a beginner then definitely you should go for Namecheap hosting. It is best for beginners.

If you are a beginner then you can choose Namecheap managed WordPress hosting plans. Here Namecheap provides a simple and easy to use dashboard. This plan is faster than Shared hosting plans. I use this plan for my short term website and get an excellent result. You can start a wordpress website within a minute. But now I avoid this plan because you will not get any cPanel access, No free SSL certificate, and 1 website for 1 hosting plan.

what are the top web hosting companies

Do We Recommend Namecheap?

Yes, We do because Namecheap is one of the cheap web hosting company and they give their service almost the same as the others.

But we recommend Namecheap as the best web hosting for small business. Suppose We have a medium e-Commerce business, or Big photography website, or a News portal or a Big Magazine website then avoid Namecheap. In that case, you can choose VPS Hosting as a last option.

I recommend Namecheap for startup websites like a small e-Commerce website or Magazine website or other websites. If your budget is low then Namecheap is a great option for you.

Bluehost web hosting review

web hosting companies

This review is based on User experience and the person has been using the Bluehost basic shared hosting plan for 3 years. We have been monitoring their performance for 3 years.

Bluehost is one of the most popular and oldest web hosting companies. The best part is they are officially WordPress recommends hosting company.

best website hosting for wordpress

The most important factor in choosing a hosting and that is uptime. After all, if your website speed does down then you will lose traffic and Search engine rank.

Bluehost hosting test report by Hostingfacts.

After reviewing 30 web hosts, our benchmark for “good” uptime is 99.93%. That might seem pretty high, but it’s actually even slightly below average. Type those numbers into a calculator, and you’ll quickly see it translates into at least 26 minutes of downtime each month or just over five hours over the course of a year.

The good news is that Bluehost easily surpasses this benchmark, comfortably keeping our test site live for 99.99% of the time during the last 24 months (2018-2020).

bluehost web hosting test report

This is the Uptime report of Bluehost web hosting.

Bluehost’s all hosting packages offer unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL certificate, and 1-year free domain with any extension. Not like Namecheap. Their basic hosting plan started with 50GB pure SSD hosting, 1 website, 1 domain, free SSL, and Unlimited Bandwidth.

Bluehost always concern about their User’s privacy that’s why they offer Free SSL certificate and Whoisguard protection or Domain privacy. Whoisguard hides information on the public and keeps the data safe.

SiteLock is included to help prevent malware attacks, which are unfortunately fairly common on WordPress sites.

CodeGuard is another form for protection, which also provides daily backups so you can roll back previous versions of a site if it does get hacked.

The Bluehost support system is a painless experience in my life. They have live chat, email ticket support, and even phone support.

On live chat support, A person from the Bluehost team connected within two minutes and always give the exact answer that I asked for.

Every great thing has some bad side, So do Bluehost. Bluehost’s Renewal Rates is very high and Site Migrations Are Not Free. They have a one-time fee of $149.99 that includes the migration of up to five websites, 20 email accounts, and any other database files for these sites.

They claim it’ll be quick and seamless, so you won’t experience any delays or downtime.

Do We recommend Bluehost?

Yes, We Do. As we said Bluehost is officially recommend hosting provider by WordPress and they are one of the oldest hosting company.

Along with, they offer better security, user friendly control panel and a great support system.

You can start your small and Big blogging website with Bluehost hosting plans without any doubt. For a big e-commerce website then you may have to choose a custom plan for hosting. Great for Small and Medium e-commerce websites.

Hostgator web hosting

hostgator web hosting

HostGator is the most popular hosting service because of its service. It provides 99.9% uptime, Free SSL, Free domain, Free website transfer, and 24/7 support. HostGator is one of the best choices for every Website owner.

For web hosting the most important thing is Performance. Here is a report of Hostgator hosting performance from bitcatcha.

hostgator performance report

As you can see, The response time of the HostGator server. The height score is 146ms from the German server.

See the difference between other hosting’s.

web hosting companies speed performance

As you can see in the report Hostgator’s response rate is far battered then these popular hosting companies. Hostgator guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Hostgator has multiple hosting plans like Shared hosting, WordPress hosting and VPS hosting. The most common offers are Free SSL certificate, One-Click WordPress Installs, Free WordPress/cPanel Website Transfer, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Free domain.

There is a condition for Free domain. You have to buy the hosting plan for atleast 12 months.

hostgator free domain condition

The HostGator support team is always good to me. First, If you stuck with a problem and search on the search box then Hostgator will suggest some articles related to your problems.

If you can’t solve your problem then there is a live chat support options for 24/7/365. All the time they gave maximum and effort time to solve your problem. Somehow if you tired with live chat then you can use the telephone support (toll-free in the US).

Do We recommend Hostgator?

Of course we do.

As you see there is not much to say about Hostgator because when you will see the performance report then you will understand everything. They offer all tools that you need to build a website. Over 2 million customer choose Hostgator for their websites.

Best for any kind of website. Without any doubt choose HostGator for your website.

Which is the fastest web hosting provider?

hostgator performance report

Hostgator is one of the fastest Webhosting company. It guarantees 99.9% uptime that is huge. According to a report, it is the fastest Web hosting provider.

What is the most secure web hosting?

Bluehost is the most secure Web hosting. Basically, every hosting provides maximum security but Bluehost is a little bit more concerned about their client’s privacy. They offer Free SSL certificate and Whoisguard protection or Domain privacy.SiteLock is included to help prevent malware attacks, which are unfortunately fairly common on WordPress sites.
CodeGuard is another form for protection, which also provides daily backups so you can roll back previous versions of a site if it does get hacked.

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