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Hosting is storage for our website. There are many web hosting providers who provide very good hosting services. In this article, we will discuss website hosting companies facilities and which hosting is better for our website.

Web Hosting Companies

  1. GoDaddy.com

GoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. With 18.8M+ customers worldwide and 78M+ domain names under management, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work.

web hosting companies

Website hosting/ Shared Hosting

web hosting services

best hosting

If you are starting a new website then I suggest buying “Ultimate Hosting”. This service provides you unlimited websites and unlimited storage. You can submit unlimited website in this server. 1 GB RAM and 2 CPU gives you awesome site speed. It’s good for your SEO rank. It also gives you one free domain for one year and SSL certificate for one year and its totally free for the first year. So it is a perfect choice for website owners who are planning to start a new website.

Business Web Hosting

best web hosting services


Business Web hosting is better than Shared hosting. There are many types of Business hostings.


This server use for multiples basic websites. If you want to set up multiple websites in one hosting then this is very best for you. This server provides 60 GB High-speed SSD storage and 2GB RAM also with 1 CPU. Unlimited websites and database and SSL certificates. 

2. Enhance

This server is for high traffic websites. If you have very high traffic websites then you should buy this server. If you have new started or basic websites then avoid it but If you have high traffic websites then buy this server. Don’t go for “Launch Server Or Shared hosting servers”. 90 GB SSD storage, 4GB RAM and 2 CPU. Unlimited websites and database. Standard SSL certificates.

3. Grow

This server is used for e-commerce sites. But This is not for heavy e-commerce sites like Amazon or Alibaba. But low or lite e-commerce site can be used this server Like Magento. 120 GB very fast SSD storage, 6GB RAM and 3 CPU. It can handle unlimited web traffic. You can set up unlimited websites. The database is unlimited and Standard SSL certificate.

4. Expand

This server is for heavy websites like photography. Photographers have to upload so many pictures. Pictures take time to load. If your server is not enough faster then its take so many time to load. So it’s very necessary a big storage server and a faster server. 150 GB big and faster SSD storage. 8GB ram and 4 CPUs. Unmetered traffic and unlimited websites. The database is unlimited and Standard SSL certificate.

Microsoft Office 365Business Email free For the First Year


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