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Submit Sitemap to Search engines, How important is that? Does it necessary? Have you ever think if you don’t submit your sitemap to Search engines website tools then what will happen? Well, Today I come with an answer to these questions and also tell you how to submit a sitemap to search engines.

First of all if you don’t submit sitemap of your website to the Search consoles then your post will never found on Search engine results.

A sitemap is a link that told Search engines that hey These are are posts you should index on your database.

Today I am going to head over how you can create a Sitemap On WordPress or any other website and how you can submit on most popular’s Search consoles like Google and Bing.

Now Let’s get started.

How do I find a sitemap for a website?

XML sitemap

If you have a WordPress website then just install the “Yoast SEO plugin” to create your Sitemap. You can Also connect Webmaster tools by Yoast SEO plugin.

Step by Step Process How You can Create your Sitemap By Yoast:

1.Once you install the Yoast SEO plugin then Head over to the Yoast Plugin and click on ‘Features

create sitemap by yoast

2. Then Scroll Down and You sill find a Button “XML Sitemaps“, Then Click on the Question mark(?). After that Click on “See the XML sitemap“.

the XML sitemap

3. Copy the link. For Example

This is the Sitemap that need to Submit on Search consoles.

sitemap to submit on search engines

Now Comes if you don’t have a WordPress website or if you don’t want to install Yoast then how you can create your Sitemap.

Sitemap it’s just a link. So you can create your own like

Just need to add /sitemap_index.xml after your domain name.

There are also some tools to create sitemaps. One of the best ones is xml-sitemaps.

Now you are done with creating your sitemaps. It’s time to Submit Sitemap To Search Engines. There are a lot of search engines here but we will publish on Just Google and bing because all of the processes are the same.

Submit Sitemap To Search Engines

First of all you need to submit your website domain to webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools and Bing website tools. You can Do it through the Yoast SEO plugin. Let’s start with Google Search consoles.

How do I add a sitemap on Google Search Console?

  • Visit Search console and Select your Domain. For example, I select
Submit sitemap To Search Engines
  • Then click on “Sitemaps
Submit sitemap To Search Engines
  • Then enter your Sitemap URL just “sitemap_index.xml
Submit sitemap To Search Engines

Now Click On “Submit“. Your Sitemap is submitted to the google search engine.

How do I add a sitemap on Bing Search Console?

  • Visit bing Webmaster tool. Login to your account. Click On your Domain. On the Dashbpard you will see a Sitemap bar.
Submit sitemap To Search Engines
  • Now Click on “Submit a Sitemap”
  • Click On “Submit” and Your sitemap is submitted to the Search Bing search engine.

What if I just want to submit one by one Webpage on Google?

Yes there is a way to do it. First headover to your Google search console.

Then Click on URL inspection.

url inspection

Paste your URL and See the status.

url Status

If it shows URL in Google then its Good news. If it shows URL is not on Google then just Click over “Request Indexing

It will take 2 to 5 minutes but your page will index immediately.

This is the way you can index your Webpage one by one On Google Search Engine.

How can You check Your index Pages on Google Search Console?

check index pages

Visit Google search Console first and Click on “Coverage“.

Then It will show you a graph similar the above images. If you have any error pages then it will show you the error pages. Then you can re-index those error pages one by one.

The “Valid” pages are the index pages.


This content is all about Submit sitemap To Search Engines. Here we discuss how you can create your Sitemaps for different websites and different ways. Then a full procedure to Submit the sitemap to Search engines. Then how can you index your individual pages on Search consoles and check the index pages?

Do I need to submit a sitemap to Google?

Yes, You just need to submit Sitemap not only google but also many other search engines like Yahoo & Bing. Because the sitemaps say the crawler to index pages. Without Submitting the sitemap your pages may never index to Search engines that means you will never get Organic traffic. That’s the importance of submitting a sitemap to Google. You can also index pages one by one manually but it is very hard to index. Creating a sitemap it’s just a matter of 2 minutes.

How do I manually create a sitemap?

Submit sitemap To Search Engines

Yes, You can. Just write your full domain and wrote sitemap_index.xml. Like “

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