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Speed up a WordPress site is very important because of its impact on your SEO score and google ranking. It’s also very important for your website traffic. If your website is very much slower than another website then the user will not come to visit your site and also search engine will not give you a good rank. It’s very necessary for a website to improve website speed. There are many ways to speed up WordPress website. You can use WordPress speed optimization plugins, CDN, WordPress hosting, or any fast hosting.

So, SEO expert and digital marketers suggest keeping your website fast and take a short time to load. There are some tips to speed up WordPress website. Before that have a look at the reasons for slow website loading.

Increasing page speed is not the ultimate solution now. From June 2021 Google announced that every website need to optimize Core web vitals. Read our article “How to Optimize google core web vitals for WordPress

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How to Speed up WordPress Site?

Choose a better Hosting For your website


Hosting is a place where your entire website setup. Your total website content and other necessary plugins and theme install in your hosting. If your hosting is slow then others method will not give a better result to improve your site speed.

Shared hosting generally gives you good performance for your website but when comes to speed then it will become slower day by day if your website has so many images. Managed WordPress hosting and VPS hosting provides better service than Shared hosting. Managed WordPress hosting at nearly the same price as Shared web hosting at Namecheap. VPS hosting is a little bit expensive than Shared web hosting. But I suggest buying Managed WordPress Hosting For your website.

Why Managed WordPress Hosting?

  • Price Is nearly the same as Shared Web hosting
  • SSD storage
  • Traffic limitations(Start With 50000/month)
  • 3x faster than Shared hosting
  • Help to improve website speed
  • WordPress authorized Themes and plugins

Choose a fast loading and SEO friendly theme

best ways to improve website spped

The theme is very important for website speed and SEO. Generally, SEO friendly theme is lightweight. There are so many free themes but I personally think the premium theme is better for proper WordPress speed optimization.

Download: Best Free SEO friendly themes.

There are so many options in WordPress theme like image slider, different widgets, heavy pop-ups, image gallery, etc. These options might help you to improve to make the website attractive but It will harm your website speed. Always try to ignore those features as much as possible especially when your hosting is not so fast. If you are using VPS or dedicated hosting then it’s completely fine but if you are using shared or managed hosting then you may avoid these features. Trust me it will help you to speed up your website.

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Choose an Image Optimization Plugin

speed up wordpress site

Image is one of the major causes to decrease website speed. Images take a big place in website hosting and it takes so much time to load. It is very much necessary for a website to optimize website images. Smush Image optimization plugin helps you to optimize your image automatically. There are so many tools and websites that optimize images but using websites and tools you have to go again and again and optimize your images. That’s taken too much time. So, the Smush Image optimization plugin is a perfect plugin to optimize images and improve your website speed.

Why Smush to Speed up WordPress site?

  • Resize, Optimize, lazy load and Compress images with one click
  • Millions of user use this plugin
  • Secure and trusted
  • It’s free to use
  • Optimize automatically
  • Optimize and Compress 50 images with per click

Uninstall Unnecessary Plugin and themes

speed up my website

There are so many plugins that we are using on our website to make it better. But unnecessary plugins slow down our website rapidly. Plugins take to much time to load.

It is very important for a website owner to uninstall and delete unnecessary plugins that he is not using in his website or it’s not needed. There are some default plugins in WordPress that plugin is not necessary for us. Delete unnecessary all things from your website to speed up website.

Themes are also so much heavy to load. WordPress always prefer 2 default theme to install after installing WordPress first time. Delete those themes if you are using another theme.

Delete all themes expect the themes that you are using on time. Try it and see you improve your website speed. Speed up WordPress site rapidly.

Install Cache Plugins to improve website speed

Speed up WordPress site

Remove cache is very much important for website speed optimization. Cache takes a big place of hosting and take too much time to load. WordPress prefer so many plugins for remove cache. I choose three of them. I personally use this three plugin for my website. Autoptimize, W3 total cache, and Wp Super cache. Not only me more than 1 millions of users use those plugins to improve their website speed. These plugins are easy to use just install them and it will automatically optimize your website cache.

Those plugins improve SEO and user experience on your website. Increase website performance and reduce load time. Download Any two of those plugin for your website.

Use CDN to distribute your website

speed up wordpress site

CDN content delivery network or content distribution network helps to distribute your website hostings in different server. It helps to load your site very fast. It is very necessary for a website to use a CDN network. The experts said so. There are many free CDN platforms.

These two CDN platform helps you to improve your website speed. Set up those CDN and make your website faster than another.

These two tutorials help you to set up CDN on your website. See Creating Amazon CloudFront Distribution. How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website With A CDN Content Delivery Network.

By doing all those steps you can speed up your website. It may decrease your website speed for 1 day or less but after that, it will increase your website speed. I personally use those steps on several websites. It’s work worthy. If you start a new website then you must see Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs. Know about Best WordPress Page Builder to make your website beautiful.

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There was a time when Google didn’t rank based on website speed but from june 2021 Google announce their Core web vitals guideline. Where every website must have to pass core web vital guideline to rank their website. Core web vital rule is nothing just speed up website. In this article you will get every tips to increase website speed. Just stick with the tips and share our articles so that your friend can speed up their websites too.

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