Increase your Adsense revenue to earn a handsome figure from Google Adsense. If you want to increase your Adsense revenue then you have to know the Best Ways to Increase Your Google Adsense in WordPress.

These are a few methods these gonna help you to increase your Adsense revenue from Google Adsense. See the descriptions step by step…

Create a Google Adsense Account

It is very much easy to create a Google Adsense Account. See how to add Google AdSense to wordpress website Step by Step.

  1. Visit Google Adsense Website
  2. Click on “Get Started
  3. Submit Your Website URL and email Address
  4. Click On “Save and Continue” after Check Yes, send me customized help and performance suggestions
  5. On the next page select your country and Check Yes and Click “Create Account

You are just Create your Google Adsense Account. The question is how to add Google AdSense to the wordpress website? Here is the answer

Google Adsense will give you a Tracking Code. You just have to paste it between <head></head> code in your theme.

That’s all you add Google AdSense to wordpress website. Google will take a few days or hours to approve your account.

If your website is not loading properly then Visit here.

How to install Google Adsense on wordpress?

After creating the Adsense account Google will give you a verification code. You have to place that code on your WordPress website to install Google Adsense on WordPress.

You have to place that verification code Between team header <head></head>

How to install Google Adsense in wordpress

After that Google will take a few hours or dates to approve your Adsense account.

Select Perfect Banner Size to Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue in WordPress

Perfect size Google Ads is very important becauce without it you will face two problem. One is your page will show “This page is not Mobile Friendly” and another is you will loose Adsense earnings.

So google Ads comes with some features to solve this problem. When you visit your Ads Overview you will see something like this:

Google Adsense Ads

First Thing is By Site. In By Site options make sure you turn on “AMP is On

Adsense amp

Then the Second Option “By Ad Unit“. This unit is here to create custom size Ads for different places of your website. Here You will get three options:

  • Display Ads
  • In-Feed Ads
  • In-Article Ads

There are Six different types of banners Available in here:

  1. Recommend Banner Size
  2. Horizontal Banner
  3. Vertical Banner
  4. Rectangular Banner
  5. Responsive Banner
  6. Custome Size Banner

In your theme, There is so many Ads place available and they will tell you the size. Like 300×250,728×90,300×1050 etc.

If your theme tells you the Ads place size then there placed the recommend size. Otherwise, Always Use Responsive Banner Size.

Why responsive Banner Size?

Responsive banner size will automatically place Ads on your website as recommend. By doing this You will generate revenue more and more.

Then the third option “Global settings“.

This is the easiest options. Just turn it on and google will automatically place Ads in your site.

Follow 20 proven methods to make money with a blog step by step.

Use Ad management Plugins to Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue in WordPress

Ad management plugins help you to place your Google Ads in different places. With one Ad code, you can display Ads on multiple pages and post in fact all pages and posts.

Choose the best Ad management plugin

  1. Ad Inserter
add google adsense to wordpress

This plugin helps you to select Insertion place and Alignment. This ad will show all over you selected.

Like there are some options Posts, Homepage, and Category pages, etc. If you select Posts and homepage then it will display ads on all posts and homepage.

You can create multiple blocks and this plugin is totally free.

Increase your Adsense Revenue Through Yoast SEO Plugin

best on page seo plugin for wordpress

First, come the On-page SEO because the content is the king and On-Page SEO means content optimization. So we will start with On-Page SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO plugin is the best on-page SEO plugin for wordpress. Whats SEO prefer the most is its backlink? Social share? No, it is the Content.

If your content is SEO optimize then you are the real hero. Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is an on-page SEO plugin that helps you to make your content fully optimize.

Now I am gonna break down all of the things, why Yoast SEO plugin is the best on-page SEO plugin for wordpress.

Highlighted features:

  • Optimize SEO title
  • Readability check
  • Recommend Text Length
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Meta Description Length
  • Internal and Outgoing link
  • Title keyword Length
  • Focus keyword Idea

These are the features that Yoast SEO plugin offers when you are writing your Content.

If you deliver the SEO optimized content then google will love to give the rank of your website because Google search engine is not concern about your ranking they are concern about their user’s satisfaction.

If you deliver good content then sooner or later you will get a massive amount of traffic and where is the traffic there is more revenue.

Boost your traffic with Keywords

Organic traffic is main if you want to generate Adsense revenue. There are so many ways to generate organic traffic. Let’s see the ways to increase organic traffic step by step. There are some tools and SEO plugins that help you to increase your organic traffic.

Keyword Research

In this section, we will cover the complete keyword Research in 2020.

We will cover the major contents of the keyword research.

  1. How to find Keyword
  2. Use keyword research tools
  3. How to choose the right keywords

How to Find keyword

There are so many tools available for finding keyword but I prefer Google search bar and Youtube Search bar for entry-level.

Suppose you have a digital marketing agency and you try to find keywords for your target customers. Then start with google and youtube search bar.

People also ask for how to keyword search on google? Here we show how to keyword search on google step by step.

Enter Any keyword related with your agency and don’t press enter.

keyword research in Google

Google will show your keyword suggestions. These are great keywords because google only shows those keywords that people search for.

After taking these keyword suggestions press enter.

Increase Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress

When you press enter after that google shows you this FAQ. Try to give answers to your content. The FAQ is very important to Google.

At the end of your search page, you will find some related keywords

google search result

These related keywords also very important because lot’s of people search by these keywords

Youtube also a big source of finding keywords. Youtube also shows keywords those search by so many people like Google.

youtube search result

Now you find so many keywords for your target customers but your search is not enough. You need more specific keywords that are trendy and easy to rank.

You also need more related keywords. Here you need a keyword research tool

How to Use keyword research tools to Increase Your AdSense Revenue

There are lots of keyword research tools available some of them are free and some of them are freemium.

Here you will use free keyword research tools. People also ask for What tools do you use for keyword research? Here we will give a list of free keyword research tools.

  1. Uber Suggest
  2. Semrush
  3. Google Trends
  4. Keyword Surfer

Ubersuggst Keyword suggestion tool

Ubersuggest is one of my favorite and very useful tool for keyword research. This tool is completely free to use.

If we search for keyword search tools on Ubersuggest.

This tool will show Search Volume, SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty, Cost per click, Keyword ideas, related Keywords, Questions, Top 100 websites related to this keyword, Content Idea, and many more.

Increase Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress

Here shows the overview of targeted keywords.

Optimize Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress

These Keyword ideas will work as an LSI word. LSI word means the suggested keywords with your targeted keywords. Google algorithm always looks for LSI keywords on Content.

Here are also Questions related to your keyword. Answer those questions because it generates traffic.

Best Ways to Optimize Your Google Adsense WordPress

These show the top websites with these keywords. This helps you to analyze your competitors.

You can find the social shares and competitors’ details by this tool. This tool also suggests Content ideas.

Ubersuggest is a complete tool for keyword research and site audit. This is one of the best free Tool.

SemRush- Keyword research Tool

best seo tool for keyword research

Semrush is a great keyword research tool but unfortunately not very useful for free use. Free uses are very limited. You can search 7 keywords within every 24 hours. The monthly charge is also very high. The basic plan is started with 99 dollars each month.

If your website has massive traffic then I suggest you to use Premium Semrush or You can Use Ubersuggest and keyword revealer.

Semrush has two Awesome features. You can use one time with Free access.

The first One is SEO content Template. Here you can research 4 keywords at a time and this tool gives you each and every detail for these keywords. Very useful features for mine. I suggest you try this one for your best keywords. You can do many times with many accounts.

SEO Content template results

The second One is SEO Writing Assistant. This is just optimized your content. Give you a result of how much the content optimized for your keywords. Where you should need to improve. This features also very useful.

SEO writing assistent results

You can use Ubersuggest and Keyword revealer for keyword research and do some extra research on Semrush but if you use Premium Semrush then you don’t need any other tools because these are best SEO tools for keyword research.

Google trends are one of the popular tools that use for keyword research. This tool shows keywords trends and where the keyword is mostly used.

Google trends

Google Trend shows you your targeted keyword trend. After choosing your keyword to make sure your keyword is trendy.

Best Ways to Optimize Your Google Adsense WordPress

From Google trends, we are able to find out that this keyword is trendy. You can work with this keyword.

You can also Compare with other keywords by Google trends

Best Ways to Optimize Your Google Ad sense WordPress

If you have multiple keywords for your content then you can Use compare and choose the most trendy keyword.

Google Trends also shows you a location for each keyword.

Keyword Surfer

keyword Surfer crome extension

Keyword Surfer is a Keyword suggestion browser extension. Once you install it on your browser then it will give you keyword suggestions for every search result.

After keyword everywhere extension stopped their free version then Keyword surfer comes as a relief. Get unlimited keyword ideas based on countries and searced keyword trends.

This extension is completely free to use.

How to choose the right keywords

The right keyword choice is very important because it will gain you traffic on your website.

We will follow some steps to find the right keywords for your upcoming content step by step.

  1. Analyze competitor based on your targeted keywords
  2. See keywords difficulty
  3. Search Volume
  4. Keywords trends

Analyze competitor based on your targeted keywords

Suppose your keyword is “how to choose the right keywords” then search it on the Search engine.

It will show like this…

google search result

Now see the keywords that ranked on the Search engine on the first page. Try to present your keywords like this.

Keywords Difficulty

You always have to ensure keywords difficulty because if your keyword is very difficult to rank then you can’t gain traffic from these keywords.

You can use Uber suggest and Keywords revealer to find out keyword difficulty.

Suppose your keyword if Digital marketing and you want to write content on this topic.

Let’s see it’s difficulty level on Uber suggest

Increase Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress

It’s 48 that means it is so hard to rank. Now, what will we do? There is a solution.

Digital marketing is a Short tail keyword. Always choose long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are easy to rank.

What are the short tail and long-tail keyword?

Like your keyword is Digital Marketing or Email marketing these are called a short-tail keyword.

Suppose your Keyword is to Make a good profession on Digital marketing, Digital marketing complete guide, etc.

So if your one keyword is hard to rank then what will you do?

Go to uber suggest Search your Keywords and Go to “Keyword Ideas“.

This will show you so many Keyword suggestion and Difficulty level.

Ubersuggest search volume

Search Volume

Search volume means how many people search for your keyword. The more people search you gain traffic.

It doesn’t mean only see Search volume. No No Never do that. First, see the search volume then Keyword difficulty.

What’s a good search volume?

It depends on your keywords but approx 200-1k minimum Search volume is needed.

The trend is very important for keywords. If your targeted keyword is not trendy it doesn’t make any sense to work on this topic.

For example, I search for “Digital Marketing” and it’s trendy.

It is a trendy topic so I can choose this keyword when it full fill the other Condition.

On the other hand, I also search for “Keyword Research Tips”

Best Ways to Optimize Your Google Adsense WordPress

Unfortunately this keyword it not so trendy. If I work on this topic I can’t get traffic in the future. No matter It full fills other condition but this keyword is not useful.

I also work with another Keyword “Google Adsense WordPress”

Best Ways to Optimize Your Google Adsense WordPress

You can see It fulfill all the conditions that I mention. It has enough search volume, Difficulty is low so that easy to rank.

If you are not satisfied with this method of keyword research then you can look over the Definite keyword research guide 2020 by Backlinko.

Guest Posting to get more traffic

Guest posting is one of the favorites and common method to get traffic on websites.

People commonly asked how to guest post on blogs?

How to guest post on blogs

Don’t go for that website who make a page that “Write for us”. Trust me they can’t help you.

For example, my website is about Electronics devices but I linked with a website their website is about medicine.

Then how will I get traffic from a medicine website to my website? It doesn’t make any sense. Google also gives penalties on those sites.

Now the question is where to guest post? and how can I find that website?

Now I a gonna give you the answer step by step.

First, select a keyword from your website and search it on google or another search engine.

They will give you feedback like this…

suggested keyword

These websites are related to your keyword and your website so visit any of these websites.

After that, you will need an extension called Similar sites. This extension is free and available for the Google Chrome and Firefox browser.

This Extension helps you to find other similar sites near about 20. Now go on those sites and email them that you want to write for them.

If they agreed then write for them and take backlinks from their website. This is the easiest method to write guest posts.

Update Old Content

Update ole content is a very efficient way to get higher google rank and increase traffic on the website.

Many of us write content and forgot about that but it’s not the right way. Google doesn’t like it.

Always try to up to date your content. you don’t need to change the whole content. You may change or add one line. Sometimes you can change the headline or something.

Just make a little change but it will work like a bomb on your traffic. Never change the permalink and Use short permalinks.

Share on Social media to Increase Your Adsense Revenue

Nowadays people spend their maximum time on social media. People asked for how to increase website traffic through social media?

Increase Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress

How to increase website traffic through social media

From the site Smart insights, we can find that around 4.388 billion internet users and around 3.484 billion of people spend their time on social media.

It is a big source of getting traffic. After finish to write any content share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

This method helps you to get traffic, shares, popularity and Adsense revenue.

When Google sees people visit on your website and share your content that means your content is valuable for visitors.

This is the Best Ways to Increase Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress.

Use pictures and Infographics on your content

You never like to read any article without pictures, graphs, and infographics. Everyone always wants to understand an article easily.

Pictures, graphs, and infographics make your article easy to understand. Always put so many screen sorts, pictures, infographics.

Never copy any content or pictures always try to upload unique pictures and infographics.

Publish Long-Form Content to Optimize Your Google Adsense WordPress

Google always like long content. If you want to rank first your content then it must be more then 2200 words. It doesn’t mean write anything around 2200 words and it will rank.

No, it will never happen. Write your content more than 2200 words and optimize on-page SEO. Use LSI words.

LSI words mean related to phase and short keywords.

By taking this traffic boosting method you can Increase Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress.

Proper Theme to Increase Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress

All themes are not optimized for Adsense revenue. Some themes are specially designed for Adsense. Here we present some themes to help you earn a maximum of revenue from Adsense.

Admania Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme

Google Adsense WordPress theme

Admania is the perfect Ad optimized wordpress theme for Adsense users and Affiliate marketers and also the persons who want to earn money by Ads.

Google Adsense WordPress theme

These red marks are Ad slot. This theme is responsive and SEO optimized.

  1. 20 Home page demos
  2. Blog and Magazine Ad layouts
  3. Home widgets builder
  4. Front end customizer and live Ad editor
  5. Gutenberg Optimized
  6. 10+ header
  7. 7 different single post layout
  8. Multiple Ads slot
  9. Ad-block detector and Ad view and count Display
  10. Fast and lightweight theme(Page Speed optimized)
  11. One-click Demo import

This is the perfect theme that will help to Increase Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress.

Buy this theme from Themeforest

GRIMAG Adsense optimized theme

Google Adsense WordPress theme

Grimag is the most powerful Adsense optimized wordpress magazine theme. The WordPress Theme is a powerful publishing solution for editors and SEO-experts.

The theme has been specifically designed for ultimate monetization results.

best wordpress theme for adsense
  1. Blog and Magazine Ad layouts
  2. Live customizer and Ad editor
  3. Multiple Ads Slot
best wordpress theme for adsense

These are the place where the Ads placed. This theme is designed for unlimited monetization results.

  1. Responsive Layouts
  2. Rating ready
  3. SEO optimized and Mobile friendly(Tested)
  4. Lightweight WordPress theme
  5. Unlimited sidebars
  6. Custom Widgets
  7. Clean and well-Documented code
  8. Unlimited fonts and Customs style
best wordpress theme for adsense

Multiple post layouts are available with this theme. All of them are Adsense optimized.

Truemag WordPress Theme

Truemag WordPress Theme is one of the best themes for publishers and sellers. This is a powerful theme designed for monetization across multiple income streams. Fully responsive Google AdSense ad units ensure that ads will display properly across all devices and screen sizes.

best premium wordpress themes
  1. Adsense Optimized magazine
  2. Live theme customizer
  3. Search engine friendly
  4. Multiple advertisements areas placed in hot spots
best premium wordpress themes

Truemag is WooCommerce compatible, making it the ideal solution for anyone looking to incorporate e-commerce into a magazine-style site.

adsense optimized wordpress themes
  1. Responsive layouts
  2. Different posts and Ads layouts
  3. 140 front icon
  4. Unlimited Sidebars
  5. Clean and valid code
  6. Unlimited colors and custom styles

These are the Best Ways to Increase Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress. All os this method will rapidly increase your Adsense revenue in WordPress websites.

See many more wordpress theme:

  1. Fastest WordPress theme
  2. Best wordpress photography theme
  3. Best affiliate marketing wordpress theme

These are the Best Ways to Optimize Your Google Adsense WordPress. There might be so many others that may increase your Google Adsense in wordpress by I am sure You can greatly increase your Adsense revenue in wordpress by taking all of these methods.


In this article, we try to cover almost everything that you need to optimize your Adsense revenue. We start with creating your Adsense account and cover most preferred plugins and tools. Explain why and how this plugin will help you to reach a massive earning.

Hope this article will help you to optimize your Adsense earning. If you have any confusion then comment below. Comment down how much money you earn?

Queries and FAQ about Google Adsense in wordpress

Here you will find the finest and shortest answers all of the questions that you asked on quora, Reddit, and other forums.

Is Google AdSense free?

Yes, Google Adsense is completely free for publishers. Google always gives value to content so that Google Adsense is a platform for Website owners to earn money.
Google Adsense is a free platform you just have to maintain their terms and conditions to approve your account.

What is the best Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress?

add google adsense to wordpress

Ad inserter is one of the best plugins for Google Adsense In WordPress. There are so many Ad blocks available in this plugin. So you can place so many ads. You also select multiple places and alignments for each ad.

Does WordPress allow AdSense?

Yes, WordPress allows Adsense. But wordpress free blog sites don’t accept Adsense.

How can I earn money from Google?

You have to follow some steps:
1. Create a website(Not free blog Sites)
2. Publish unique contents regularly
3. Apply for Google Adsense
4. After approving your Ad-sense account placed Ads on your website.
These are the simple steps you should follow to earn money from google.

How much money can I earn from my website?

It depends on your website and your effort. People usually earn money from Websites by Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing. Many of times Both. Your earn depends on how much traffic you gain each day.

Hey, I am the guy behind Actually, when I start using Wordpress I was very curious about customizing my website with New themes and Add new features with plugins but I always try to do things with free themes and plugins. Every time I try to figure out the best themes and plugins I faced different problems and gain different kinds of experiences. That's why I decided to start a blog where I will share and suggest the best theme and plugins so that you can find the best things for your websites.

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