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Get Full Namecheap review and know all about to make a decision. Namecheap is well known as a Domain name provider and their hosting service is also value for money.

Now I am going to tell you all about Namecheap that you need to know about making any decision. This is totally from my personal experience.

Back in the days when I planned to start a new website but I was wondering which hosting and domain provider will be good in my budget.

After a few research, I found Namecheap as a budget-friendly provider. Still, I am using Namecheap hosting for my couple of websites and they perform well.

Namecheap Domain review

This is the first thing especially when I try to give full Namecheap review. This is Namecheap Domain Review.

Maximum people prefer Namecheap as a Domain name registrar because Namecheap provides the same domain name at a cheap price.

For example, Once I need a couple of domain names for my flipping business and first I go for GoDaddy and found .com domain sell there for around $12 but In the Namecheap its just $8.88/yr.

namecheap review

Not only the .com domain extension is cheaper than Godaddy or other providers but also the maximum of the Domain extension is cheaper from other providers.

When comes about the Namecheap domain, Yes it is awesome. If you confused about choosing your domain name provider then I suggest you choose Namecheap.

Why Everyone Said Namecheap is great for Domain?

Many reviewers and article writing including me said that Namecheap is a great platform to buy a domain that because for example, I wanted to buy muhaiminul.com it will cost 8.88 dollars on Namecheap but for the same domain, it will cost almost 12 dollars on GoDaddy.

So why should you spend an extra 4 dollars on GoDaddy? Namecheap also provides 1-year free Whoisguard protection as like GoDaddy.

So this is the reason people Said Namecheap is a great platform for Domain.

Namecheap Hosting Review

namecheap hosting review

Here we Start our Namecheap Hosting Review. No doubt Namecheap Domain service is awesome than another question arrives how is the hosting service.

The short answer is good for a budget-friendly website but not for professional or heavy magazines or e-commerce websites.

Namecheap has several hosting services like Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated servers.

Shared hosting, WordPress, and VPS hosting are generally chosen for websites.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Plan Review

namecheap shared hosting

Namecheap hosting plan starts with just $1.44 per month for a yearly subscription With 20GB SSD storage.

This storage is enough for multiple websites.

There are plenty of other things Such as unmetered bandwidth, a free domain name with privacy protection, 3 website access, the free SSL certificate for 3 websites, free website builder, and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Namecheap also provides standard cPanel access and 24/7 live chat support.

Things you need to know. You get a free SSL certificate for the first year, for instance, 50% of the renew price for the second year but after that, you have to pay 100% of SSL price.

Another thing that I said free domain name with privacy protection. What’s that mean? Simple, You can but any domain extension like .com,.net.info whatever you want right? No, You can’t buy any domain that you want.

buy domain from name cheap

Here I try to buy shared hosting and see they charge $8.88 for .com domain extension but no charge for .fun or .host. That’s the deal.

Namecheap will give you some free extension and you have to buy any one of them.

This is the worst thing about Namecheap. I don’t think you are going to buy this type of domain.

hosting plan of namecheap

$1.44 price includes a 50% discount for the first year but after that, you have to pay $2.88 dollars for each month.

Another good thing is you can buy Namecheap hosting for only 1 month.

All plans will give you a choice of hosting “US” or “UK”. For UK datacenter you have to pay $1 per month extra.

namecheap shared hosting plan

The hosting performance was good. The important thing about hosting performance is its speed because it’s directly connected with the visitor’s happiness.

Its speed is not extreme but it can full fill my demand. If I compare with Hostgator cloud and Namecheap then both of these provide almost the same.

WordPress Hosting Plan Review

Namecheap WordPress Hosting Plan

Managed wordpress hosting service on Namecheap is awesome with its features and performance. This service is also known as EasyWP in short.

Basic plan EasyWP Starter comes with 10 GB SSD storage, 50000 visitors a month, 3x faster than Shared hosting plans, Ready To Go Managed WordPress, Easy backup and restore no plugins required, and highly secure. Others plan also value for money.

WordPress Hosting Plan

But personally, I don’t like these hosting plans and one of the main reasons is no cPanel access. Without cPanel access maybe you face many troubles as I faced.

No SSL certificate comes with these plans which means you have to buy an SSL certificate.

You can’t install any plugins that provide SSL service. Only one website access allows on this hosting plan.

No need to worry about website performance. Website load time with this hosting plan is awesome. One of the main things about the website is its load time because it’s directly connected with the organic SEO score.

So if you have one website and you have enough money to buy an SSL certificate then you should go for managed wordpress hosting on Namecheap.

You will get 50 times better results than the shared hosting plans.

VPS hosting of Namecheap

Namecheap VPS hosting review

There is no doubt Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans improve your site speed because of guaranteed CPU time and RAM.

VPS plans start at $11.88 a month for its 2 cores, 2GB Ram, 1000GB bandwidth, and 40 GB SSD storage. It’s not too much compared with other providers.

Another plan known as Quasar starts at $19.88 a month for its 4 core,6GB Ram,3000GB bandwidth, and 120 GB SSD storage.

Vps hosting of namecheap

There is no Cpanel to manage your site which means you have to be very sure of your Linux skills.

By paying an extra $25 you could avoid all this. You will get full of VPS management. There is an option “Pay as you go” where you pay Namecheap for particular tasks.

vps features

VPS hosting or other servers plans performance is not bad.

Up-Time Test

Up-time is a very important thing for a hosting because this is the main thing that’s why people choose Hosting plans fro different plartforms.

So on this point I run a test on bitcatcha and the report is:

bitcatcha up time report

This is very good but there is a problem. Actually, not a problem but the score is not 100% correct.

It shows the performance is great but behind this, the performance of normal hosting is not so great.

The Up-time report for WordPress hosting and VPS hosting is fine but Shared hosting is 70%. Not extreme fast but Good.


Namecheap has a pretty good customer support option. Their live chat support is always there to help you with any kind of problems at least I get their maximum support.

When you stuck with a problem and knock the live chat person you will get feedback within a maximum of 2 minutes. It’s not just I gave the Namecheap review but it also true.

When I first started my website I was unable to install an SSL certificate. Then I go for customer support and ask them to help me.

It takes more than an hour and all the time without any brake there is a person to help me. I stuck several of the time and they help me to get rid of the problem.

What they offer for free?

For almost every plan they offer some Free things like

  • They offer whois guard protection free for 1 year with each domain
  • Free SSL with every plan without WordPress Hosting
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Some cheap domain extensions
  • Free weekly backup
  • Free site transfer

Do I recommend Namecheap?

Well, For domain obviously you should choose Namecheap.

For Hosting there is some things to know. If you start your New website and you have Low budget then close your eyes and buy Namecheap Hosting.

If you have a medium size magazine website that has lot of heavy pictures and graphics then Choose Namecheap VPS hosting.

For Medium size E-commerce website Avoid Namecheap Hosting or if you choose then Choose the VPS hosting.

It’s always depends on your traffic. If your website has massive traffic then you should go for better to better hosting according to your need.


This is all about Namecheap. As I said earlier Namecheap hosting plans are not for heavy or professional websites. If you want to start your own blogging website or affiliate website then Namecheap will be a good choice for you. Small ecommerce websites also can be started with Namecheap if you have a budget problem otherwise avoid Namecheap for small ecommerce websites.

But for domain registration, I will always prefer your Namecheap. They take a minimum of price to compare with other domain providers.

Why Namecheap is better than GoDaddy?

Namecheap is better than GoDaddy when it comes to buying domain because Namecheap takes lower price then GoDaddy. On hosting Godaddy is one of the well known and trusted brands so their performance is better than Namecheap but GoDaddy always takes high prices that’s the negative point.

Full Namecheap review: Great choice for Beginner
Article Name
Full Namecheap review: Great choice for Beginner
Get Full Namecheap review. Know all about Namecheap and made your decision. Choose the best affordable domain and hosting from Namecheap just with $1.44
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