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Edit footer in WordPress is easy and common issue for website owners. In this article you will get step by step procedure to change your Footer in WordPress. You can also create your custom footer. So lets get started.

After installing WordPress Themes on Websites, you will notice a Copyright Bar on Footer that might not represent your business. It somethings like “Proudly powered by WordPress” or “Copyright ©Something”.

It looks kind of unprofessional to your visitors. So it makes sense, your website footer must represent your brand, Your information, logos and other important stuff.

A customized footer will help visitors to identify your brand. Learn more about “how to edit footer in wordpress” or “how to change copyright in wordpress”.

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Edit footer in WordPress or change copyright in wordpress is a very easy task. Here we will explain step by step Methods so that you can do it easily. You can choose any of the methods that best suits you.

One thing Important: “Every theme has its own different settings, so sometimes you may not find the exact match method but the procedure will be similar”

Method-1: Change Theme Settings

Most developers understood that you may need to change your footer settings. That’s why they gave a build-in option to change edit your website footer.

But all theme isn’t the same, so you may find this option in different sections within the theme. We are using Astra free WordPress Theme.

Steps to change copyright in WordPress:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Appearance > Customize
  3. Footer > Footer Bar/ Copyright
  4. Under Footer Bar or Copyright Area Make changes Footer Texts.
how to edit footer in wordpress
copyright in footer

If this method is not work for you then apply Method 2.

Some wordpress themes use Widgets to add special features to Footer. In order to change the footer, you need to go on Appearance > Widgets.

The different theme has a different number of the section on Footer like 2,3 or 4. In our testing theme, 2 footers are avilable in the footer section.

You can add any features by adding widgets on Footer and there is no limitation. Simply just drag and drop widgets in the footer section and that’s it.

Step-1: Go Appearance > Widgets

widget option

On the left side, you will see Avilable widgets that you can add to your footers and website sidebars. On the right side, you will see your Footer section.

wordpress widgets

Drag and Drop any of these Widgets to your Footer section. You can add the Unlimited of Widgets in each Footer section.

custom footer wordpress

You can also add a Custom footer. Select Text from Available widgets and drag it to the Footer section. Then add information, pictures, or whatever you like on the Text widgets, it will show on your Footer.

See the full method in this Video:

Plugins are Awesome. I personally use many plugins to add new features to my Website. So, If you want to add a little bit more features to your footer or want to change your WordPress footer in an easier way then a plugin is a good option.

Alert: Using excessive plugins can slow down your website. So, install plugins when actually needs.

Step-1: Plugins > Add New

Step-2: Search “Remove Footer Credit

wordpress footer plugin

Step-3: Click Install Now > Active

Step-4: Click Tools > Remove Footer Credit

wordpress footer edit

Step-5: Now change footer in WordPress

custom footer wordpress

Step-6: Go to your Homepage and Scroll down to the Footer.

Step-7: Point cursor at the point that you want to remove

wordpress footer

Step-8: Click the right Button > Inspect

Step-9: Select The Code And Copy

remove footer credit wordpress

Step-10: Paste it to the Plugin and Write Down New Footer

edit footer in wordpress

Step-11: Now Click on “Save

We shows three easy method to change your footer, not only change but also we shows how you can you add special features on Footer. If you didn’t like those method or failed to apply or you want to edit deeper in your footer then this method is for you.

Alert: In this method, we will edit from the core of your website. We will change the code of your website, so make sure to take a backup of your website before applying this method.

My previous Footer:

wordpress footer

Step-1: Log in to your Dashboard

Step-2: Appearance > Theme Editor

Step-3: Click footer.php from Theme files

edit footer in wordpress

Ste-4: Find out the Code that you need to edit.

wordpress footer code

This is our Footer code that needs to edit in order to change footer link and Copyright Information.

First we will change the link with our Website link

remove footer credit wordpress

We will change the Link from ‘’ to “”

Then “Powered by WordPress” to “Powered by”

At the Last step we will remove this Code section:

remove footer credit wordpress

Step-5: Check Again Properly and Click on Update

The Footer Copyright is change successfully.

change copyright in wordpress

if you don’t understand, Please have a look on our video:

Some websites build with Page builders like “Elelemntor”, “WP Bakery Page Builder”, “Braver Builder” and many more.

This website’s Footer is also designed by these page builders. In that case, you need to edit your footer from the Front page of your website.

For Example:

Our website’s footer designed with Page builder and Now we will show you how to edit the footer in WordPress page builder.

Step-1: Log in To your Dashboard

Step-2: Pages > All Pages

Step-3: Find out Front Page. In our case its: Home – Front Page

home page for WordPress

Step-4: Click “Edit with Example Page Builder”

Step-5: Go to Footer Section of the Page and Change it.

custom footer wordpress

Step-6: Click on Publish and Its Done!

Yes, It is. WordPress is a free and open platform and everything free on this platform can be edited. Footer is a general thing to edit because everyone wants to promote their own business instead of the theme developer’s business.

If you use third-party themes then you can check their legal agreements about removing footer in WordPress or you can message them about this issue. It’s only when you use third party Themes not WordPress’s free theme or your purchased theme.

How to edit footer or change copyright in Wordpress Website
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