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There are lots of questions people’s asking about how to buy a domain name, how do register a domain name, how to buy a domain name for a website, how to register a domain name for free and so many.

A lot of questions right? In this article, you will get all of the answers to your question. We will discuss how to buy a domain name for your website or you can just register for further use and also give the complete guideline and the proven way how to register a domain name for free.

Read the article top to bottom. If you like it then feel free and share it.

If you want to start your new blog or website then you must need a domain. Without a domain, you can’t start a website.

If you want the best domain at a cheap rate or free then you must need a guide “How to buy a domain name“.

The whole article covers these topics. Have a look at each of these and I am sure this article will help you to find out the best domain for your website.

This is not only a buying guide but also this article helps you to choose the best domain.

What is a domain name?

what is a domain name

A domain name is an address of a website. People search for your website by your domain name. If we think the website is your house then the domain name is your Address.

For example,

The domain name was created to make the IP(Internet Protocol) address. This is more human-friendly.

Ip address is a unique set of numbers assigned in every computer on the internet. Ip address works like a street address.

how to buy a domain name

It helps to identify the computers located on the internet and help route information between computers. Ip addresses are like, etc.

If you have to memorize a string of Ip address then it will be more difficult. Here comes the DNS(Domain Name System) as a solution.

DNS means the domain name. It is easy to memorize. You just have to type a name like It will show you the result.

what is a domain name

When you type the domain name in your browser, the browser uses the domain name to find out the correct IP address and turn back to the website associated with the IP address.

The domain name is like the contacts on your mobile phone. Your search by the person name but when you call it to go to a number or address.

How to choose the best domain name?

how to choose a domain name

A domain name is the unique identity of your online business. So knowing what makes for a good domain name matters.

Your domain name should be short and easy to spell and must be relevant to your business.

Like people are asking how to buy a domain name for a website? There are no other ways to buy a domain name for a website. All of the methods are the same but when you are buying a domain for your website then you must follow some rules.

In order to buy a domain name for a website, you must register a domain name that is easy to memorize and short. Suppose you wanted to buy a domain name for a website and you register a domain name like ““. Does it make any sense?

Suppose you have a car renting business then your keyword is the car and renting. Try to put this keyword on your domain so that people can easily understand your business.

In that case, your domain should be or, etc. These words are familiar and easy to memorize.

If your domain is like or or something. These are very hard to remember.

Try to put your region or city name on your domain. It will help your customers to find you easily.

For example,

This domain name not only presents your business but also present your city.

Choose extension to buy a domain name

cheap domain registration

This is the part of a domain name and if you get the .com then go for it. Dotcom is the most used and common domain name extension. It is very challenged to get the .com extension for a short term domain name.

This extension will not gonna help you to get a good rank or traffic but the common thing is played a vital role.

As you see when anyone spelled a domain name then the .com extension first come to our mind.

Another popular extension,.org,.info,.biz and hundred of other extensions. These extensions help you to present your domain and boost your brand.

How to buy a domain name permanently?

How to get a domain name

Well, now you know what is a domain name? how to you choose a domain name?. Now it is time to know how do you register a domain name?

If you really want to get a domain name then you should buy it from trusted providers. There are so many domains and hosting providers like Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc.

Here, I am gonna talk about Namecheap because their price is low and their service is awesome. Mostly all of my domain is buy from Namecheap.

What’s you have to do to buy the domain from Namecheap?

Don’t worry it is not so hard as it’s sound. You just have to create an account on Namecheap. Then click on “Domains“.

How to buy a domain name permanently

Then search by any domain name, for example, bestdomain on the domain name search bar.

how to buy a domain name

It will show you the result of which extension is available and which one is not. After that, you will find your suitable domain name with your business and click on add to cart.

Suppose I wanted to buy “” this domain. Now, I just have to click on the marked add to button icon then it will show the following extra features like SSL, Email hosting, VPN and show on. If you don’t want to buy any of them then just simply click on “View cart“.

Make sure you have an account on Namecheap. After that, You have to confirm your order and choose domain registration time.

Once you confirmed your order you have to put your information and Bank information. Once you give all of them correctly Namecheap will provide you the domain.

They will give you a confirmation email and other necessary information.

Namecheap will give you a Dashboard and you can get all the necessary information from the Dashboard.

Why You should choose Namecheap when you want to buy a domain name for a website.

reason to buy a domain name from namecheap

How much does it cost to buy a domain name?

Well, it depends on your extension because the domain name price depends on the domain extension. Every extension has a different price. On the other hand Domain prices also depends on the providers.

For example, Go-daddy charge $12.17/year for .com domain and renew charge $18.17/year, on the other hand, Namecheap charge $8.88/year and renew price almost the same. Visit Namecheap

There is a simple chart of different domain name extension prices. This is a sample chart as I said domain name may different depends on the providers.

domain extensions
domain extensions

If you want to know about specific domain name extension prices then visit the best domain name provider Namecheap. Follow the previous procedures that I mentioned. Visit the full domain name extension chart.

How to get a domain name for free?

how to buy a domain name

Hey, are you thinking how to register a domain name for free but you don’t get the path. Here is the solution for you.

Actually, there are multiple ways to buy a free domain name I will tell you one by one. Some of the methods are fully free and some of the others like buy one get one free as like. Get the complete solution on how to buy a domain name for a website without any charge.

Are you ready to get the free domain that you want? Then start with Bluehost.

buy free domain name from blue host

How to register a domain name for free in bluehost?

Click on “Get started” on Bluehost Web hosting

After That:

how to register a domain name for free

Click on “Select” and it will go to you on the next page

how to create a domain name for free

Here comes the desired page that we want for so long. Enter any valid and unique domain name that is available. You can choose any domain extension as you want but everyone preferred .com as the best one.

After create a new domain for free

free domain name registration

You will see this message if your desired domain is available and you can proceed with further instructions.

Complete the full Account information bar. Don’t give any fake information.

blue host domain

Lastly fillup your payment information and agree with their terms and condition and just chill. In a couple of minutes, you will notify by a confirmation email.

You are done, You register a free domain along with hosting. Click to visit Bluehost

There is another way to get the free domain name but this domain is not .com it’s called .tk. It is a completely free domain and you don’t have to buy any hosting.

Introducing, one of the well-known platforms for a free domain. Now I am gonna show you how can you register a free domain name from freenom.

Before doing anything on this website make sure you login or sign up on this website. Once you log in you can be able to get a free domain name from here.

After login Click here to register a domain name for free

cheap domain registration

Write any domain name, for example, muhaiminul as a domain name and click on “Check Availability

After that:

This website will show you all the available free domain extensions that they provide. Choose any of the extensions and click on “Get it now

It’s also showing you other premium domain names such as .com,.net, etc and their price is less than others.

Once you click on “Get it now” it will go to you in a different page

Click on “Checkout

Here select the time period. You can take it for long around 5 years. For further click on “Continue

You maybe get boring, well well we are almost done. There is only one step left. Click on “Complete order” and you will get your domain name.

Hey, you get your domain name and are free from this boring work. Check your email for confirmation.

Is the .tk domain safe?

Yes, the .tk domain is safe because it’s not gonna harm your website but I never recommend buying free domain names from free sites. A domain name provides with hosting is secure you can buy it.

I am talking about the sites that provide free domains like freenom. Free domains are cheap and you can’t use them for your big sites. You can get it for testing purposes or something.

Most social media websites like Facebook tend to block this domain because there are a lot of people who host malicious websites under the .tk domain.

Which website domain is best?

Domain’s quality does not depend on its provider’s quality. Is any domain is best or not depends on its extension and domain name. If you choose an uncommon or hard domain name for your website then it will be very hard to remember.

In that case what will do providers? They are here to provide you the extension easily. They have no hand on your domain.

Does it matter where you buy a domain name?

No, it’s never matters where you buy a domain name. A domain name is just an identity for the website nothing much. But we prefer a .com domain extension or another well-known extension so that users can remember the domain name easily.
You don’t have to give attention to the domain providers. All you need to do is pay attention to the domain name.

Can I buy a domain name without hosting?

Yes, you can register or buy a domain name without hosting. But the matter is you can’t use your domain without any hosting. Hosting is required to present your domain name.

Do you need a domain for a website?

Yes, of course, A domain name is required for a website. There are two most necessary things for a website one is domain and another is hosting. Without any of these ones, you can’t be able to start your website.


This whole article contains all of the necessary information that you must need to buy a domain name. We start with the domain definition and end with how can you get a domain for free without any hassle.

We try to cover all of you need but still, maybe we missed something. If you think we need to update our content then leave a comment below. Let us know about our mistakes and give an opportunity to improve ourselves.

If you like our content then feel free and share it. Comment below if you face any problem, our team always here to help you.

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