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If you start a new website then you must wonder how to add google analytics to WordPress or how to add a new site to google analytics and many more questions.

The best way to know your traffic is Google Analytics, and Google gives it to the website owners for Free. You can also analyze your traffic and Optimize your SEO by Analytics report.

So its very important to Add New website to Google analytics.

In this article, we will cover how can you create your google analytics account, how to add multiple websites in one account, and how to add google analytics to wordpress.

Follow the Step by Step Processor you can skip any part that you already did. Take the help of our Table of content.

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Sign into google analytics

Google analytics is a free website Analytics tool by Google. Creating Analytics Account is super easy. You just need a Google Account. Follow the step by step instruction below:

Step-1: First Visit Google Analytics and Sign Up

how to sign into google analytics

Sign in with your Google Account. If you don’t have any Google Google Account then create one for yourself, then come back and Sign in Again.

Step-2: Once You Sign in, Google Analytics will show you a Welcome message and Add Property. If you don’t find Add Property Option then Click on “Admin”.

Once you click “Admin” you will se “Create Account Option”. Click here

how to add a new site to google analytics

Step-3: Give a Unique Account Name. For Example Website Name. Once you give a name then Click “Next”

add google analytics to wordpress without plugin

Step-4: Just gave a property Name and Click “Next”

add another site to google analytics

Step-5: Give your Business Information and You can check all that Apply.

add google analytics to wordpress

Step-6: Select Web if you have website. or you can Select APP for APP analytics.

add google analytics to wordpress

Step-7: Enter Your Website URL and give your Site Name. For example: “” as Website URL and wpblog as Site name.

how to add google analytics to your wordpress site

Step-8: You are almost done. Just copy the marked code and paste it to your Website <head> code.

wordpress google analytics

Add google analytics tracking code to WordPress

Once you create your Analytics account now you need to Add a Tracking Code to your WordPress Website. It’s a two-step process.

Step-1: Copy the tracking Code

Step-2: Log in to your Dashboard

Step-3: Appearance > Theme Editor

Step-4: Click “header.php” file

add google analytics to wordpress

Step-5: Paste the Tracking Code Here and Click on Update.

You are successfully done.

If you are not happy with Google analytics New version then you can switch to old Google Analytics

How long does Google Analytics take to update

Generally google analytics is very fast and updated. Once you connect your account it will start showing your website data within a couple of hours.

Google Analytics takes 24 hours to update. That means you will get your new data after every 24 hours. But Google analytics has real time data option that means you can see your users activities in realtime.

how long does google analytics take to update

Google releases their new analytics platform called Google analytics 4. If you follow this method maybe you get the new interface of Google. The new interface is called Google analytics 4 and the showed Analytics is called Universal analytics. If you get the Google analytics 4 interface then read this article to “switch Universal Analytics” or read the article about new google analytics “Should I switch to google analytics 4?

How to Install Google Analytics to WordPress

Once you Create your Google Analytics account and add tracking code to the WordPress website you can see your website report to Google analytics but not in your WordPress website Dashboard.

Here, we will show you a simple method to Install Google Analytics to WordPress. So, you can see your analytics report on your WordPress website.

Method: Install Monsterinsights wordpress plugin

Step-1: Log in to your dashboard

Step-2: Click On Plugins > Add New

Step-3: Search “MonsterInsights

Step-4: Click Install > Active

Once you Active The Plugin….

Step-5: Click on “Insights

Step-6: Launch Setup Wizard

See The Full Setup process Video:

Once You complete The setup, Reload your page and it will start showing your data like this:

  • analytics plugins report
  • monsterinsights pluhins data
  • monsterinsights plugin report
  • monsterinsights plugin

This is how you can see the Analytics report on your WordPress Website. MonsterInsights is a free Plugin but it has also a premium plan.

Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a free source and it has a bunch of free plugins options to Add more functions to your WordPress website.

Here we briefly discuss one Analytics plugin which one is the best in our experience but there are also so many other plugins available to add google analytics to wordpress. Here they are:

1.Site Kit By Google

site kit by google wordpress plugin

The site kit is an Analytics plugin by Google. You can see your Search Console, Google Analytics, Adsense, and Page speed report.

Site kit is easy to setup and Install.

Step-1: Log in to Dashboard

Step-2: Plugins > Add New

Step-3: Search “Site Kit By Google

Step-4: “Install Now” And “Active”

Step-5: Go to Site Kit Dashbord

Step-6: Setup Site Kit through your Gmail Account

Your Site Kit Plugins installation and Setup is Finish. Now you are Good to Go. It can take time to load your Data. You need to Connect Search Console, Google Analytics, Adsense And page speed ingihts one by one.

This is a free plugin By Google to see your Website activities in one place.

2.GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics WordPress plugin

GA Google Analytics is one of the easiest setup plugin I have ever seen.

Step-1: Log in your Dashboard

Step-2: Plugins > Add New

Step-3: Search “GA Google Analytics

Step-4: “Install Now” > “Active”

Step-5: Settings > GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics

Step-6: Steup GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics setup

Step-6: Insert your Google Tracking ID

Google analytics Tracking id

Step-7: Click Save changes and You are done.

This is a completely free plugin. Once you insert your Tracking id It will take 24-48 hours to show data on your WordPress website backend.


This article is a full process of Setup Google Analytics Account, Add google analytics tracking code to WordPress, and also add google analytics to wordpress with or without a plugin. We have come through every possible step and describe it as easy as possible. This whole article is a step by step process to add google analytics to WordPress. If you can’t understand any process then we have a video attached to this article. You can think it’s critical but the whole process is just a matter of a number of minutes.

Hey, I am the guy behind Actually, when I start using Wordpress I was very curious about customizing my website with New themes and Add new features with plugins but I always try to do things with free themes and plugins. Every time I try to figure out the best themes and plugins I faced different problems and gain different kinds of experiences. That's why I decided to start a blog where I will share and suggest the best theme and plugins so that you can find the best things for your websites.

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