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Nowadays a website is mandatory for every small and big business. Website is not only mandatory for big and small businesses or eCommerce but also popular for blogging, news portal, magazine, and affiliate marketing. It is very important to know how much does it cost to build a website.

Many people want to start a website but they can’t know how much money they need. We can start our website at just $20. In this article, we will describe three types of website budgets.

What we need to start a website?

Domain & Hosting: For every website, we must need a domain and hosting. Basically, domain and hosting is the main reason to cost. For domain, the dot com domain is best for any website.

You don’t have to buy dot org because it’s an organization domain that provides free service. Otherwise, you can buy the .com, domain as you prefer. it’s your personal choice.

Most common domain extension is .com so we suggest .com domain.

Hosting: Hosting is a place where you can put all your website data. You must need the fastest WordPress hosting.

There are so many hosting plans available like Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, etc. For a startup, you can start with shared or WordPress hosting. Articles may help you with Cheap SSD shared hosting.

How do I register a domain name for free?

Yes, You can register your domain for free. There are two ways to register your domain for free. Many hosting plans provide free domains. So, if your hosting providers provide free domain registration with your hosting plan then you can register a free domain. Another method is to buy a free domain. There are a lot of providers that provide free domains. Freenom is one of the popular websites that provide free domain.

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Namecheap Hosting

Usually, I always suggest Namecheap hosting for newbies because you need money for more things like SEO, Article, Themes, and site maintenance. So why need to pay extra money on Hosting at startup?

That’s why I prefer Namecheap shared hosting for startup blogging, affiliate marketing, and magazine websites.

how much does it cost to build a website

Budget-Friendly website-how much does it cost to build a website

We will build this website around $30 included all services. Starting with hosting and domain. We will buy a .com domain at just $8.88 from Namecheap. Other domain providers take $11-$12 so Namecheap is the best option.

average cost of website design for small business

Let’s find cheap hosting for our website. As I said hosting is very important for every website.

You must buy SSD hosting. Non-SSD hosting can’t provide good services. Don’t take free hosting or domain.

You must be professional with your services. Now we will buy Shared website hosting from Namecheap.

We will buy steller website hosting for our website. In this hosting, you can submit 3 Websites and your storage is about 20GB. You can choose any other website hostings.

Why choose Namecheap to set up a website?

  • High-Speed SSD hosting
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 Online support
  • Protected data

Free Themes and Plugins

Themes and plugins take too much cost of setting up a website. Here is a solution for you.

WordPress provides so many free themes and plugins for you. Any kind of theme has a free version for WordPress and you can use all premium plugin free version.

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The average cost of website design for small business

By following these steps you can start an amazing magazine website and small ecommerce site.

You can also start an affiliate marketing website. So starting a great website you need the best service website, best domain for your niche site, and perfect themes and plugins. Now we will create a website within $100.

Hosting and SSL: Managed wordpress hosting will be best for this average cost site. Managed wordpress hosting is one of the best wordpress hosting services for wordpress website owners.

how much does it cost to build a website

We will start with “Easy WP Turbo”. 50 GB high-speed SSD hosting and 200000 visitors every month. this feature is huge for any small business website and affiliate marketing website.

WordPress hosting is 3x faster than shared website hosting. Free SSL certificate and 24/7 service. Schedule backups available.

Themes and plugins: The Premium theme is important for a website. The premium theme has a lot of features and premium plugin access. So buy a premium theme for your website.

The premium theme is user-friendly and responsive to all devices. SEO friendly and speed optimized. Easy to maintain and eye-catching look. Buy a premium theme from Template monster just at $55.

Extreme cost Website design

If your website has so much traffic or you have a big website with a lot of videos and data then you need this website. As usual, you need a domain for your new starting website, hosting for your server, and themes and plugins.

Hosting: Hosting is very important for your website. It’s your website server. Your website performance depends on hosting.

If you have a heavy traffic website or you planned to create a website with so many data and videos or you want to start a small ecommerce website then a powerful hosting is very important. For now, we choose dedicated Hosting.

how much does it cost to set up a website

The dedicated server is a very powerful hosting server. This server is highly secure and network optimized. It can handle thousands of visitors. It will make your website faster.

Themes and plugins: For this website, you can higher a web developer to make an amazing theme for your website but it so costly.

So if you want to reduce your cost you can buy a premium theme with premium plugin features at just under $75.

How much does it cost to build a website?

In three-part of the website article, we create a website under $40,$100, and $1200. It’s not necessary you have to maintain our suggestion. From this article, you can know what you need for your website.

Now you can create your website with your own choice and need. Here you help you to suggest the lowest price for all products. Go through our link and buy your product at a cheap rate.

How do I build a good eCommerce website?

For building a good wordpress eCommerce website you need some general things.

  1. Good eCommerce theme
  2. Premium plugin
  3. Fastest hosting
  4. Domain

Get a good eCommerce that represents your product and give your customers a better experience. Get free the best eCommerce website. The premium plugin is very important for the eCommerce website. But free tools also enough for small eCommerce websites.

Woo Commerce is the best eCommerce plugin. his plugin helps you to maintain your site easily. Fastest hosting is important for the eCommerce website. Get the fastest hosting for the eCommerce website.

Is WordPress good for eCommerce?

WordPress is the best content management system all over the world. More than 30% of the website all over the world using WordPress.

That means many people choose this platform to publish their website but most of them are magazine, blog, or small eCommerce website because WordPress is not so secure.

WordPress is good for a small eCommerce website with proper hosting and theme but not for medium or big eCommerce websites.

How much does it cost to hire someone to build a website?

Basically, it depends on your demand because it depends on your website. If you want to hire someone for a blog site or small magazine site then it takes $100-$200.

If you want an ecommerce website or multi-vendor website then it may cross $1000 or less then $1000. Talk with your freelancer about your website and complete your deal.

Here is a suggestion, visit and work then see the cost of building a website. Then you will get an idea about the cost of building a website.

How do I permanently buy a domain name?

The domain is the identity of a website. It is unique for all websites. One can’t use other domains.

The question is can anyone but the domain for lifetime from domain providers? No, you can’t buy the domain for lifetime from domain providers but You can buy for 5-10 years and it’s will be yours until you give it to the other.
The domain name is permanently yours but you have to spend money after a certain time continuously.

If you fail to renew domain then they give you 1 month to renew after that anyone can buy that domain but if you demand your domain within 2 months then the new domain holder obliges to handover your domain.


A website is a necessary thing for every business. If you have a website then you can generate passive earning. But some people thought creating and maintaining a website is a very creative, tough, and costly method.

In this article, I break their thought. you can create a website within 30 dollars. Now there are many CMS platforms and the popular one is WordPress. Choosing WordPress for maintaining a website is a wise and low-cost decision.

Start your website today. No tension for cost and maintenance.

FAQ’s about How much does it cost to build a website

How much does a website cost per month?

Generally, there are three types of the cost necessary for a website those are hosting, domain and theme. For a small business, it takes mostly $80-100. So likely it’s $9 per month.

How much does a GoDaddy website cost?

As we know Godaddy is one of the popular domain and hosting providers. As their demand and service, they take a high amount for their hosting. If you want to shart your website with Godaddy Economy Web hosting then it takes around $72 per year. It is the basic hosting plan with one website,100GB storage and one domain. So if you want to start with Godaddy plan then you must have at least $80.

What is the difference between GoDaddy and WordPress?

Godaddy and WordPress are fully different platforms. Godaddy is a domain and hosting provider. It is also popular for domain auction websites.On the other hand, wordpress is a content management system(CMS). You can publish your website through wordpress.

How much does it cost to build a website?
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How much does it cost to build a website?
How much does it cost to build a website? Start your website now with just $20 by Using Wordpress best CMS platform. No tension for Web Maintainance...
Hey, I am the guy behind Actually, when I start using Wordpress I was very curious about customizing my website with New themes and Add new features with plugins but I always try to do things with free themes and plugins. Every time I try to figure out the best themes and plugins I faced different problems and gain different kinds of experiences. That's why I decided to start a blog where I will share and suggest the best theme and plugins so that you can find the best things for your websites.

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