How do you switch to Universal Analytics?


Google releases their new analytics platform called Google analytics 4 and the old one called Google analytics universal. Many people are using google analytics universal for years and they are not comfortable with the new analytics version. In this article, we will explain step by step method “How can you switch to Universal analytics”. If you are confused about it then read the article”Should I switch to google analytics 4?


Read our article “How to add Google Analytics to WordPress” if you do not know how to install GA.

Right Now you have this version of Analytics dashboard:

new google analytics version

Switch to old Google Analytics:

google analytics universal

Steps to Switch old google analytics

  1. Log in To your Analytics Dashboard
  2. Click On “Admin” in your Google Analytics
admin button of GA

3. Click on “Create Property

create property in Google analytics

4. Give your property name and Click “Show Advance Options

create universal analytics property

5. Turn on the “Create a Universal Analytics property Button

 Create a Universal Analytics property

6. Give your website URL and click “Create a Universal Analytics Property Only”

Create a Universal Analytics Property Only

7. Give Your Basic Business Information to GA and Click “Create

basic business information in GA

8. Copy the “Global Site Tag” tracking Code

9. Log in to your website Dashboard and Paste the Code Between <head></head>

10. Remove the previous Analytics Tracking code from your Website

You are done. You will see your website report to old Google Analytics within 48 hours.


For many website owners, marketers, SEO is used to with Google analytics universal. Including me is many familiar with Google analytics previous version. That’s why I try to figure out How do I switch to Universal Analytics? Here, I share the short article and video tutorial for a better understand.

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