How to Easily Create a Coupon Site in WordPress


When it comes to making money online by offering discount coupons from affiliate marketplaces, coupon sites are great to do so. Customers can use coupon sites to find discounts and deals online, and you can profit from affiliate commissions.

From several online affiliate marketplaces, you can get the latest coupons to use on your website and start marketing them immediately. You will earn money through affiliate and CPA marketing in this way.

The coupons/offers give an opportunity for bloggers to make money. One of the most common to create a WordPress coupon site is to increase your revenue stream. You can generate money by selling affiliate products or by offering coupons for your brand.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a coupon site in WordPress.

Getting Started on Your Coupon Site

When you plan to create a coupon site in WordPress, there are a few things that you should keep in your mind. And the first step for creating a coupon site is to purchase hosting for the site. It can be WordPress hosting or shared hosting.

After purchasing the hosting, you have to register a domain name for your site. And then, you are ready to install WordPress. The installing process depends on the hosting provider. Some providers offer just one-click installation, where some require a few steps to complete the process.

The term “coupon website” refers to an affiliate marketing website that helps clients in finding coupons and discounts. When it comes to online businesses, it has become an extremely popular concept as people are rapidly moving to online shopping. Coupon websites are online advertising sites that use direct sales to promote group purchasing offers. Coupon websites are becoming increasingly popular. They create large client databases by recording each person’s name, contact information, and location when they make a purchase.

Creating a Coupon Site in WordPress

Create your coupon website after you have set up your hosting and installed WordPress. Now, there are two techniques you can follow for getting a good deal.

You either make use of a coupon theme that has been specifically built, or you can use a dedicated plugin to communicate with the customers. Get the idea of both of the methods and choose which works best for you.

Method 1: Using a Theme for a Coupon Site

wordpress theme to create a coupon site

The fastest and most simple method of creating a WordPress coupon site is to use a theme. Your website is primarily oriented to coupons and coupon codes. Coupon themes are kept in a simple design for easy use, and they offer important features including categories, social sharing capabilities, and subscriptions.

Your website will also look perfect on mobile devices if you use the right theme. The WordPress coupon theme makes it easy to control rather than using a plugin. Because the coupon functionality is embedded within the theme, you don’t have to worry about plugin compatibility.

There are many coupon themes available like Clipper, WordPress Coupon Theme, Couponer, etc. There are even free coupon themes for WordPress available. You can also try them. Check out the list of Best eCommerce WordPress Themes.

If you use the paid themes, you’ll need to purchase and install them on your website. Then you may start making coupons by using the built-in feature of the system.

Step 1: Install and Activate the theme

In order to Create a Coupon Site in WordPress, you have to purchase the theme and then you will get the file in a zip format either via email or other forms of notice.

  • First, download the zip file.
  • Then navigate to Appearance.
  • Once you go there, click on Add New and Upload Theme in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Install the theme by uploading the zip file, and activate it.

Step 2: Add a New Coupon

You are ready to create your coupon website after activating the theme. To create the coupon,

  • Go to the coupons
  • Then, click on Add New.
create a new coupon for a wordpress website

Give your coupon a title and a description. Change the default coupon settings under Listing Plan Details.

First coupon code for the website

You can determine the duration of the coupon in days, as well as the day from which it will begin. You can also set an expiry date and whether or not the coupon will be published. Those coupons are marked on your website.

Then, you can select where the coupon will be used under Coupon Details. When working with affiliate products, you can include the affiliate link in this section.

Finally, in the Coupon Type section, select the one that works best from the drop-down menu. Once you’ve decided on whatever option best suits your requirements, you may proceed to publish your coupon.

Step 3: Create a User Submission Form

Users can submit coupons to your website using themes.

  • Navigate to Forms
  • Then, click on Add New to enter the integrated form builder tool.
user submission form to generate a coupon function

Give the form a title, then use the Form Builder to insert fields. users can be prompted to input their names, personal information, and the coupon they want to submit.

Once you’ve completed the form with all of the fields you need, click on Publish, and the form will be available for people to use on your website.

Step 4: Customize the Theme’s Appearance

It’s also vital to personalize the website design while creating the coupon website.

  • Go to the Appearance
  • Then, click on Customize
  • Now, from the preview window customize the options.
Enable coupon WordPress website with WordPress theme customizer

You can customize the theme for your business or brand by adjusting each item of the menu. You can adjust the site title to your company name and the color palette to meet your existing identity.

The positions of the menus and widgets can also be changed to build a website that appears exactly how you want it to.

Method 2: Using a Plugin for a Coupon Site

Wordpress plugins for coupon website

Although a coupon theme is a good solution, a coupon plugin may be a smarter choice. This plugin method is more efficient when you have already a website and you just want to add coupons there.

This can simply be performed with a plugin without needing to change your current theme. Apart from that, with a separate coupon plugin, you won’t be limited in the theme options.

There are various free coupon plugins to choose from, including Coupon creator, WordPress Coupon Plugin, etc. After you’ve picked a plugin, you can start building your WordPress coupon website.

Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin

Once you have selected the plugin,  you have to install and activate it.

  • First, navigate to Plugin
  • Then, click on Add New in your dashboard,
  • Now, search for the plugin.
  • After that, click on Install and Activate to start.

Step 2: Create Your Coupons

When you complete the installation process,

  • Go to Coupons 
  • Then, click on Add New to get started making coupons.

For your first coupon, you’ll have to give it a title and select a coupon type.

create a coupon for website

Depending on the type of coupon you want to create,

  • you can enter a code,
  • set button text,
  • or add an image.
  • Then provide a link to which the coupon will be directed.

After that, you’ll need to select what kind of discount to offer and create a unique description. The coupon’s start and expiration dates can then be set.

generate coupon code

This section shows how your coupon will be displayed to customers. Click Publish when you’re satisfied with your new coupon.

Step 3: Insert the Coupon onto Your Website

Two shortcodes will be generated after the coupon is published. The first is a code for the entire coupon, while the second is just for the coupon code. These shortcodes make things easier to place the coupon wherever you want on your website.

To start, copy the shortcode for the coupon you want to include.

  • Go to the location where you want to include the coupon
  • Then open the post or page in the WordPress editor to make the changes.
  • Scroll down to the section where you want the coupon to appear.
  • Then click on the Add Block button.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu, select the Shortcode block and paste it into your shortcode.

To save your changes, either publish or update the page or post on the website. The coupon will be displayed in the area you specified, and visitors will be able to use it.


WordPress coupon websites are much more simple to create than you think. You can use a coupon theme to build a complete coupon website, or you can install a plugin that provides coupon features to your existing website to save time and money.

After a while of observing performance, you have to continue to make changes. Promoting your coupon website through social media platforms, emails, enabling users to take advantage of coupons through their phone, and incorporating coupons into your affiliate marketing strategy for increasing the popularity of your coupon website.

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