Easy Fix: briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. check back in a minute. Error

How to Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. check back in a minute is a error in WordPress occurs while updating WordPress core, WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes. Basically, when you update anything on your website and it can’t finish successfully then WordPress shows this notification “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. check back in a minute” When an … Read more

How to Easily Create a Coupon Site in WordPress

create a coupon site in wordpress

When it comes to making money online by offering discount coupons from affiliate marketplaces, coupon sites are great to do so. Customers can use coupon sites to find discounts and deals online, and you can profit from affiliate commissions. From several online affiliate marketplaces, you can get the latest coupons to use on your website … Read more

Should I switch to google analytics 4?

should i switch to google analytics 4

Google recently updated its analytics platform and many old analytics users are confused, should they switch to google analytics 4? Now Google offers two analytics interfaces one is Universal analytics and another one is Google analytics 4. So if you create a Google Analytics account for your website then now you will get a Google … Read more



If you are working on WordPress regularly, several CMS errors like database connection errors or white screen of death are very common. But, recently, an error occurs when you try to browse a web page on Google Chrome.The error is showed up with a message ‘This site can’t be reached – server IP address could not … Read more

How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

Has your website become inaccessible to users? Has WordPress started sending you that dreaded ‘Error establishing a database connection’ notice? If yes then you may be experiencing an error in WordPress that stops your website from accessing the database. This fatal error can be caused by several reasons. Therefore troubleshooting this issue may be difficult … Read more

How to add guest post in wordpress

add guest post feature to wordpress

You might heard about guest posting or allow users to submit posts to website. These method help get more content for websites. We all know the importance of Guest posting. Its increases website authority, Branding and generate traffic to the website. Do you want to have a Guest posting feature to your wordpress website? You … Read more

How to install wordpress themes manually

install wordpress theme manually

Install WordPress themes manually is a very easy process. In order to do that first: Log in to your WordPress dashboard Go to themes from Appearance At the theme section, click on “Add New” Here you will see all of the latest and popular free WordPress themes. You can install any of these themes for … Read more

How do you switch to Universal Analytics?

switch to old Google Analytics

Google releases their new analytics platform called Google analytics 4 and the old one called Google analytics universal. Many people are using google analytics universal for years and they are not comfortable with the new analytics version. In this article, we will explain step by step method “How can you switch to Universal analytics”. If … Read more

How to delete themes in WordPress? In one step

how to delete wordpress themes

If you are wondering about deleting your WordPress themes then there is a very easy way to do it. It’s not rocket science or you don’t need to delete it from C-panel. You can delete WordPress themes in three ways: From WordPress Dashboard FTP C-Panel WordPress Dashboard is the easiest and one-minute process. So we … Read more