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If you are looking for Best SEO Plugins for WordPress or best On-Page wordpress SEO plugin then the answer is many. SEO is not one thing and it never depends on a single plugin. Some plugins are for On-page SEO some plugins for Image optimization and some tools for error finding, analyzing, and auditing.

In this article, we are going to talk about all of the best SEO plugins and tools. Give you a full idea of why they are best, why and where should you use, and lastly how useful they are for your WordPress website.

List of Free SEO Plugins for WordPress

1.Yoast- Best on-page SEO plugin for wordpress

best on page seo plugin for wordpress

First, come the On-page SEO because the content is the king and On-Page SEO means content optimization. So we will start with On-Page SEO plugins. This is the best search engine optimization plugin ever.

Yoast SEO plugin is the best SEO plugin for wordpress. Whats SEO prefer the most is its backlink? Social share? No, it is the Content.

If your content is SEO optimize then you are the real hero. Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is an on-page SEO plugin that helps you to make your content fully optimize.

Now I am gonna break down all of the things, why Yoast SEO plugin is the best on-page SEO plugin for wordpress.

Highlighted features:

  • Optimize SEO title
  • Readability check
  • Recommend Text Length
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Meta Description Length
  • Internal and Outgoing link
  • Title keyword Length
  • Focus keyword Idea

These are the features that Yoast SEO plugin offers when you are writing your Content. Now I am gonna break down all of the highlighted features one by one.

Before go deep if you are using any other SEO plugin for your WordPress website then comment below which SEO plugin you are using. let’s get started.

Optimize SEO Title

best seo plugin for wordpress

According to the SEO expert, 80% of traffic comes with the title. The title is the key part of content because this is the thing that expresses your content. What you want to say or what is the content about.

A header or SEO title should be less than 60 characters. So when you are using Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress website then Yoast will show you green mark when your title is ok. If your title crosses the 60 characters then it will show you red mark that means you should compress your SEO title.

Readability check

What search engine wants from a post? The answer is: It should be easy to read. How it can be easy to read? I know but I can’t maintain without heaping of Yoast SEO plugin that’s why it’s called the best on-page SEO plugin for wordpress.

How a Content become easy to read:

  • Use Active voice instead of only passive voice
  • Use Subheadings
  • Do not make your paragraph too long without any Subheadings
  • Don’t use one word or one sentence again and again

By maintaining this method you can make your content easy to read. That means you will get a better search engine ranking. But it’s hard to maintain without any SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin make it so easier by giving a score.

What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress

This is the complete result of Readability analysis. When you will write your content this plugin will show you instead result. How much your copy score, How is your passive voice, subheadings, and paragraph length score and also totally score with a green and red sign.

If it turn into read that means you must have to improve something.

Recommend Text length

Text length is very important when you want to rank your content on the top page. According to the best on-page SEO plugin for WordPress it should be at least 300 words.

Until you write at least 300 words then it will show you a red mark. That’s how you will easily understand you have to improve something.

Image ALT Tag

Google can’t see your images that’s why Its identify your images through your Alt tags. When you write an Alt tag to your image after that google understands what is the picture about.

In Yoast SEO plugin you will get an instead result how much images you have and are you write proper alt tags or not.

best seo plugin for wordpress

See the images text care fully….

It says “Images on this page have alt attributes, but you have not set your keyphrase.”

That means I have Alt tag but I don’t set any Focus keyword which means I have to improve it. After I did it says: Image alt attributes: Good job!

Meta Description

Do you know the importance of Metadata? It’s huge. It may not impact your SEO rank but it will increase your CTR percentages.

The meta description length is 120-155 letters. When you will cross this limit this On-Page SEO plugin will show you that you are out of length. See the video

As you see when we write a good amount of letters between 155 it shows green when we cross the limit or below the limit it shows orange sign.

Premium Yoast plugin gives internal linking suggestion with One-click Support but this service is not available for the free one.

internal linking suggestions of Yoast

Focus keyword Idea

This is also a Premium feature. When you write down your whole article then it will show you data that which keywords are most focused on this article.

focus keywords

Also, you can focus on particular Keywords then the plugin will tell you is your article well optimized for those focus keywords or not.

This features is available for free Yoast.

focus keywords

Have you noticed the red Mark? That means my Content is not Well optimized for this focus keywords. It also tells where should I focus on for well optimized.

Keywords analytics

Notice the red marks? That told me that I should solve these problems for a well-optimized Content.

Along with these Yoast also have so many internal features that help us another way. So when people ask What is the best on-page SEO plugin for wordpress the first ans is “Yoast SEO plugin is the best on-page SEO plugin for WordPress”.

2. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant – semrush wordpress plugin

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant is one of the SEO writing assistant plugins for WordPress. The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant provides instant recommendations for content optimization based on the qualities of Google’s top 10-ranking pages for your given keywords in a given location.

Main Features:

Overall Score : It calculate your totall SEO score based on content readability, text length, and target keywords.

Readability Score: SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant will give you a Readability score for your entire content. Is it good to read or Not? Where should you optimize like that kind of stuff.

Target keywords : It shows recommendation in order to optimize your content for the targeted keyword.

Recommended keywords : Semrush writing assistant shows some related keywords that should be added in your content.

Plagarism & Linking checking.

Alert: I recommend Yoast SEO plugin instead of semrush seo writing assistant. You can’t use both of them at the same time. Both plugins have a free and Pro version.

Yoast vs SEMrush

Best on-page SEO plugin for wordpressNot well optimized for WordPress
Covers Everything that you need to do SEOCovers small area of on-page SEO
Provide Strong Reliability Score and told what needs to doGive a simple Readability Score
Focus Keyword OptionFocus Keyword option
No recommend keywordsRecommend keywords
No Plagiarism checkingHas plagiarism Checking
Internal linking suggestion & External linking checkLink error checking
Create SitemapNo option to Create Sitemap
Option to Add website to Webmaster ToolsNo Option to Add websites to Webmaster Tools
BreadcrumbsNo Breadcrumbs
Post Redirects automaticallyNo Redirects

3. Schema markup plugin for wordpress

best schema markup plugin for wordpress

Schema is one of the best schema markup plugin for wordpress. This is a code that you put on your website to help search engines to return informative results to the user. This is a free wordpress SEO plugin.

According to Neilpatel Schema Markup is very important for SEO. He shares some information.

wordpress schema plugin

Now we know the importance of Schema Markup and it has to be done for your entire pages. Yes, For the entire pages. For doing this you have to visit Structured Data Markup Helper every time.

But this procedure is very time-consuming that’s why comes with a WordPress plugin called Schema. With this plugin, you just have to install and setup the plugin then it will do automatically whatever it needs to do.

This plugin save hundreds of minutes.

schema markup plugin

Get this amazing plugin right now. Free for every WordPress Website on WordPress Plugin store.

4. Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

best seo plugins for wordpress

Have you ever heard About Rich Snippets or Featured Snippets? Create Rich Snippets with All in one Schema Rich Snippets free wordpress SEO plugin.

According to a Authority Hacker Rich Snippets Analyzing report:

Featured snippets report

Authority Hacker team crawled and analyzed over 1 million search results. The study found that well over 40% of all top spots are taken by some sort of snippet placed there by Google.

When they analyze with high volume keyword then they found 65% of the top result is Rich Snippets. That’s the importance of rich snippets on SEO.

There is an easy solution, You just have to install “Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets” wordpress plugin for schema rich snippet on your website, after that you can do Rich snippets for each of your page and post. It placed under each of your posts.

wordpress plugin schema rich snippets

So, Without any late install this best SEO plugins for WordPress now from your WordPress Plugin store and placed top at the search engine.

5. MonsterInsights- Best Analytics plugins for WordPress

Monsterinsight best seo plugin for wordpress

Analyze website data is very important to understand website condition and user but every time visit the Google analytics tool is very annoying. What if you can see your analytics report on Your WordPress dashboard.

Install the best SEO plugins for WordPress called MonsterInsights. We can see the report every time when you log in to your Dashboard. Like this:

best SEO plugins for WordPress

Yes, This free wordpress SEO plugin will not help you to get better search engine ranking but it will help you to understand your users and website current position. Download from here.

6. – best Image optimization plugin for WordPress

best seo plugin for wordpress

Do you know what is the heaviest thing on a website? Its the image. Almost on my every article, I upload 30-35 images and sometimes 50-60. Imagine if each image is 200kb then what will be my page weight?

I will take 10 minutes to load and I will get 1000% bounce rate and also my website speed will decrease in a rocket speed.

So there is a solution for WordPress user and that is Images optimization plugin. This is a free plugin and its optimized almost 11 thousand pictures of my website.

It saves maybe gigabytes of space. I also use a tool Tinypng to compress my images.

First I compress all of my images on Tinypng, after that, I upload it on my website then this plugin optimizes it again. That’s why I called reSmush is the best SEO plugins for WordPress because its free and no heavy settings to maintain.

7. Jetpack- Best SEO plugins for WordPress

best SEO plugins for WordPress

Jetpack is one kinda compulsory free wordpress SEO plugin and the best SEO plugins for WordPress. This is the most used and most important plugin for the WordPress website.

Especially for some features like Related post, lazy load images, Speed up image load time, Many writing features, Automatic Social share feature, Generate XML sitemap, Site verification, and lastly daily view count.

If you not using this Plugin then I strongly recommend this plugin for Your WordPress website. Free version available in WordPress Plugin Store.

Tools And Extension

SEO is a brought thing. It’s never complete with best SEO plugins for WordPress or something. You need knowledge, Plugins, Tools, and extensions. These plugins, Tools, and extensions are here to save your time.

These best SEO tools save hundreds of hours that’s why they called best SEO plugins, Tools, and extension. Now I am going to explore many Tools and Extension that I personally use for mu Website SEO and I will give you my personal opinion. Let’s get started…

1. Google Search Engine

Yes, the Google search engine is the best tool to get the best keyword suggestions and analyze your competitor.

When You search Something on google like best WordPress tools then it will give you some keywords suggestion related to your search keyword. That will help you to get a basic keyword idea.

google search result report

Once you search the Key-term then Search engine show you a result. On this result, you will find the top ten websites. That means you can analyze your top 10 or top 50 competitor one by one.

best SEO plugins for WordPress

You can notice for the “Best wordpress tools” keyword the top result comes with a featured snippet. That means if you want to go top then you must need a featured snippet and better then this. Some keywords come top rank with FAQ’s, some come with Top stories, Some get on top by Videos.

You need to know how your keyword gets ranked top on the search engine. So if you want to know this then you must use a search engine because there no tools available to tell you that why a page ranked.

Then you should visit the top 10 websites for each keyword. Try to understand their policy. Why they ranked well. How can I do better than these websites? Always fill in the blanks. Try to figure out faults.

That’s why you should use Google search engine.

google trend

Can you sell anything out of the trend? No, because there are no visitors and customers is for non-trendy products. Suppose You find a low volume and low competitor keyword.

That’s great, you predict you will get top rank on the google search result for this keyword but the keyword is out of trend. Then you will never get traffic for this keyword because nobody is going to search it any more.

Always Use google trend for your Targeted keyword. This is a free tool by Google. Combine Search engine and google is the best SEO tools for any websites.

3. SemRush- Keyword research Tool

best seo tool for keyword research

Semrush is a great keyword research tool but unfortunately not very useful for free use. Free uses are very limited. You can search 7 keywords within every 24 hours. The monthly charge is also very high. The basic plan is started with 99 dollars each month.

If your website has massive traffic then I suggest you to use Premium Semrush or You can Use Ubersuggest and keyword revealer.

Semrush has two Awesome features. You can use one time with Free access.

The first One is SEO content Template. Here you can research 4 keywords at a time and this tool gives you each and every detail for these keywords. Very useful features for mine. I suggest you try this one for your best keywords. You can do many times with many accounts.

SEO Content template results

The second One is SEO Writing Assistant. This is just optimized your content. Give you a result of how much the content optimized for your keywords. Where you should need to improve. This features also very useful.

SEO writing assistent results

You can use Ubersuggest and Keyword revealer for keyword research and do some extra research on Semrush but if you use Premium Semrush then you don’t need any other tools because these are best SEO tools for keyword research.

4. TinyPNG

TinyPng image optimization tool

Compress your images with TinyPng Tool. I use these tools for years and one of the best image compression tools I have ever use. Before uploading any image on the Website I recommend first compress your image on TinyPng.

It will compress your images like 200kb to 30kb without losing its quality. All of my images are compressed by this tool.

5. Grammarly

grammerly crome extension

Grammarly is a Browser extension that correct spelling and grammar errors. Google wants error-free content and many of us including me do massive selling and grammar mistakes.

Here Grammarly is a big and useful solution for me. Without it I sware I will do many spelling mistakes and that will decrease my SEO rank in Search results.

I personally recommend this extension for every content writer. Just use it on your browser as an extension there is nothing hard and nothing fancy. Free to use for everyone and also have a premium version but the free one is well enough. I still use the free version.

6.Keyword Surfer

keyword Surfer crome extension

Keyword Surfer is a Keyword suggestion browser extension. Once you install it on your browser then it will give you keyword suggestions for every search result.

After keyword everywhere extension stopped their free version then Keyword surfer comes as a relief. Get unlimited keyword ideas based on countries and searced keyword trends.

This extension is completely free to use.

7. BuzzSumo Chrome Extension

best SEO plugins for WordPress

Buzzsumo is a social counter Chrome extension. You might think about how it can be suitable for SEO or Useful for SEO. It is useful because when you wanted to rank a keyword you must have to know which Content gets the maximum Social shares. Because of the more social share, the more people will like it and google will give a better search engine rank.

So pin up this extension on your browser head and use it to analyze your competitor. Remember the more you know about your competitor then there is a chance to beat them.

This extension has free version to use.

How much is buzzsumo?

how much is buzzsumo

BuzzSumo monthly plan start with 99 dollar/ Month. You can get 20% off if you choose yearly plans.

8. SEO meta in One click

SEO meta in one click

SEO meta in One-click extension will give you a complete summary of your or competitor content. For example, How many headings and subheadings you use. What is the meta description? How many images you use and also how many images have alt tags and much information.

Grab this free extension to analyze your compititor contents.

9. ubersuggest chrome extension

Ubersuggest is another free Chrome extension that has wide use in order to do SEO. It saves a lot of time and energy. Let me explain how it works.

First, install ubersuggest chrome extension in your Chrome browser. After that when you will search on search engines it will give you reports for monthly search results, backlinks, and social sharing.

For example I search for “best seo plugins for wordpress” then it will show:

ubersuggest chrome extension

As you can see it shows the average Domain score and top 10 web pages backlinks. Not only this on the right side you will see some related keywords, search volumes, and traffic metrics.

ubersuggest chrome extension

ubersuggest chrome extension also gives you data on which websites are giving backlinks for these web pages and keywords. It is one of the useful web extensions.


SEO is a wide thing and the plugins, tools, and extensions are just to save time and make life easier. In this article, I share almost every kind of plugin’s, tools, and extensions. I personally use all of these and that’s the reason I suggest you use it. These are the best SEO tools, best SEO plugins for WordPress & best SEO extensions.

All of them are free to use and very useful to me. These tools, plugin’s, and extensions are not only my choice. Many SEO experts like Neil Patel, Brain dean use those mentioned tools.

Now let me know on the comment section which one is most familiar with you already? What are the best SEO tools for you?

Which plugin is used for SEO?

There are many plugins available for WordPress but the best one is the Yoast SEO plugin. A Complete solution for WordPress on-page SEO. it covers all of the factors that need to be done. Free to use and suitable with any WordPress theme.

Does WordPress need SEO Plugin?

Yes, WordPress needs an SEO plugin. It is true WordPress is SEO friendly platform but not a complete solution for SEO. You need plugins for proper SEO in WordPress. There are a lot of free plugins available in WordPress for SEO.

Can WordPress have two SEO plugins?

No, You can’t. SEO plugins do the same things so if you install the same plugin then it will warn you to uninstall another.

BuzzSumo vs SEMrush

Actually these two tools has some different work method. BuzzSumo works based on social share and social engaging and on the other hand SEMrush works based on search engines search, tracks and other things. It’s totally depends on your needs. If you need more social shares, engagments then go for BuzzSumo or if you are planning to rank keywords in Search engines then you need both but the first choice should SEMrush.

16 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2020 (Free to use)
Article Name
16 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2020 (Free to use)
Find all information about Best SEO plugins for wordpress, tools, & extensions. All of them are free to use. Find out best on-page SEO plugin for wordpress
Hey, I am the guy behind Actually, when I start using Wordpress I was very curious about customizing my website with New themes and Add new features with plugins but I always try to do things with free themes and plugins. Every time I try to figure out the best themes and plugins I faced different problems and gain different kinds of experiences. That's why I decided to start a blog where I will share and suggest the best theme and plugins so that you can find the best things for your websites.

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