best seo chrome extensions

SEO chrome extension is necessary and helpful for every SEO expert. The extension makes our work easier and helps us to do the work quickly. There are a lot of free SEO extensions available in chrome. It is very difficult for a person to choose the best extension for their work. There are many types of extensions available for chrome. From the article, we will know about the best SEO chrome extensions. We collect the best 5 SEO extensions that might be useful for your work.

SEO Quake SEO chrome extension

seo chrome extension

SEO quake is a widely used SEO toolbar. It shows website rank, domain authority, internal and external links, backlinks, website age, and so many things. You will able to know about your index page in search engines. From which domain you can get backlinks. How many do follow and no follow backlinks etc. It not only works on a particular website its works for all. An Attach bar always provides general information for each website.

This toolbar is easy to install. Click here to download. Completely free to use.

Keywords Everywhere-Keyword tools

best seo chrome extensions

Keywords everywhere are basically is keyword suggestion extensions available in crome. In the case of keyword research, we need keyword suggestions. There are so many tools like Google AdWords, keyword revealer that provides keyword suggestions but for this, we have to go to those websites and search the keyword. These extensions reduce that work. it shows show many suggestions instantly when we search to search engines.

There are also a lot of keywords suggested but we can’t take on this screen sort. It is very helpful at the time of the keyword searches.

Click here to add this extension to your chrome browser. Add it to crome, after that you have to submit your Gmail. Keywords everywhere will mail you an API key. Submit the API into keyword everywhere extension. It sounds hard but it’s really easy. Just add it to crome after that you will do it within a minute.

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best seo chrome extensions

Alexa SEO tool shows 2 website ranks. one is global Alexa rank and another is website country rank. it shows how many sites are linking with your website.

best seo chrome extensions

You can see your website loading time and similar sites to your website. This will help you when you will analyze your competitors. You can see this information on any website. This SEO chrome extension also gives keyword suggestions.

Search Analytics on Alexa extension is very helpful for keyword research, competitor analysis, Audience analysis, Website traffic statistics, Content and SEO audits.

best seo chrome extensions

Click Here to add this chrome extension.

Web Rank SEO-best chrome extensions

Web Rank SEO browser extension shows any website of basic information. Alexa website rank, Pages indexed in Google and Bing, Daily traffic rank, website backlinks, Website security information, GEO IP location etc shows by Web Rank SEO chrome extension. This basic information generally needs when we start the SEO audit and analysis of our competitors.

Get the extension for your chrome browser. Click here to install it.

Similar Sites By Similar web

Similar sites show similar websites based on our search website. When we try to analyze our competitors we must need to know who is our competitors. This extension helps us to find our competitors easily. It shows 20 similar sites for free.

Download the extension and add it to your browser. Analyze your competitors easily.

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