best live chat plugin for wordpress

Live chat support is very important for a website because if a customer wants to contact you immediately, in that case, the live chat plugin is the only way to contact. Email is a lengthy method. Live chat support gives immediate support to the user. It also very important for the website owner to give the best live chat plugin for WordPress otherwise visitor or customer may not be able to contact you. Let’s see best live chat plugin for WordPress. See Best WordPress plugins for your blog site and choose the best WordPress plugin for free.

Top 3 live chat website plugin

If you want to add a live chat plugin to your website then read the whole article and try any of them. I personally use those plugin to deliver you the best experience of those plugin.

1. WP Live Chat Support Best live chat plugin for WordPress

best live chat plugin for wordpress

This plugin is free to use. 50,000 people use this live chat plugin for their website. WP live support chat plugin is one of the best free live chat plugins for WordPress. It’s easy to use and install. It will snow you how many people are online right now on your website. This plugin is best for small business. fully responsive and 6 predefined live chatbox themes.

WP Live Chat Support plugin is totally free for the users and doesn’t need to pay subscriptions free. You can customize all the features as you want. you can ban users whose you don’t want to chat. You can see previous massage and Unlimited live chat agents available. See more about this free live chat plugin.

Tidio Live Chat

best live chat plugin for wordpress

Tidio live chat plugin is one of the best chat plugins which allows you to communicate with your customers easily, also with the help of chatbots.

facebook messenger plugin for website

This plugin is free to use but for more support, you have to upgrade for the premium plan. Free service is enough for small business. You can set up any chatbot from these three.

You can Adjust your welcoming message as you want. Installation is very easy. Need to create an account. You can connect your messenger. so, you can use this plugin as facebook messenger plugin for website. See More about this free live chat plugin facility.

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

facebook messenger wordpress plugin

HubSpot is a multi-function plugin. More than 90,000 active this live chat and email support plugin. It’s easy to set up for the website and gives multi-functionality to contact with customers.

free live chat for website

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing is the ultimate free plugin for WordPress if you want to grow your email list, manage your contacts, and send marketing emails all through HubSpot’s free CRM.

pop up form

The free plugin includes lead capture tools like forms, popups, live chat, and an integrated free contact database (CRM). Once you grow your email list you can also send email campaigns and manage your digital ads through HubSpot.


This free live chat plugin provides many facilities for users. Its free service is quite enough for the small business user. See more about this best live chat plugin.

Which Live chat plugin is best?

Live chat for website is very much necessary. It’s very important for a small website owner to choose a live chat support plugin. Because for a small business premium support is not required. Which plugin we prefer most? Actually, I use those three plugins for my website. Three of them are works like the same. We prefer you three options to give you some choices. You can try any of live chat website plugin. There are also so many plugins to make your new website perfect. See best WordPress plugins for blogs and three best WordPress page builder for free. Within these three plugins, I prefer Tidio Live Chat plugin. It is great looking secure and fast. You can also upgrade your plan as far as you need. So, choose the best live chat plugin for WordPress and contact freely with your customer. Give them your highest service.

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