best google analytics plugin for wordpress

Every wordpress website needs analytics plugins. Google Analytics helps you to track your usage. How many visitors visit your website, which keyword is ranked well, from which country you can get more traffic and many more features. Without an analytics plugin, you have to visit google analytics each time but it’s very difficult for every user. Most of the time no one visits google analytics.

Why need a google analytics plugin?

Google Analytics is very useful for every website owner. It helps to get more traffic. The website owner can know about visitors and other information about visitors. He also can know how can he improve. Google analytics tool is difficult to use and the user has to visit each of the time for information. If he has a google analytics plugin it will show all of the information in a website backend. There are hundreds of plugins in wordpress plugin store but it’s difficult to choose for the general users to get the best one.

best analytics plugin for wordpress

Here we collect the top 5 best google analytics plugin for wordpress. From here you can choose the best one for your website. Get the best google analytics plugins and get more traffic to your website.

Google announced a new analytics platform. Know How do you switch to Old Universal Analytics?


wordpress analytics plugin

If it comes about the best google analytics plugin for wordpress then MonsterInsights is the best analytics solution for a wordpress website. this plugin is free to use and easy to install. It’s directly connected with your website google analytics. It shows your regular traffic, Sessions, and pageviews.

MonsterInsights shows all information on one board that helps you to know your visitors easily. It shows all the necessary information that mostly finds too hard in the google analytics plugin. You can know what kind of user visits your website, from which country you can get more traffic and with the devices. Get this best google analytics wp plugin.

Install MonsterInsights wordpress plugin for your website for free.

Price: Though it is free to use but it has a premium version that starts with $99. Get it now.

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best google analytics plugin for wordpress

Another top analytics plugin is the Exactmatrix tool. This plugin and tool are free to use. Basically, many beginners find Google Analytics reports a bit hard to understand. ExactMetrics shows and easy report to the website owners so that they can understand easily.

Download These plugin for free.

WP Statistics

wordpress analytics plugin

Wp Statistics plugin in analytics plugin for a wordpress website. This plugin is free to use. It shows your online users also with your total numbers of users. WP Statistics allows you to filter data according to browser versions, visitors country, search keywords, IPs, pages, and more. It can also automatically email reports for all statistics.

wp statistics

It shows search engine information. How many visitors you get from which search engine. Very useful analytics plugin for beginners. You can track your customer location and see the Referring websites overview.

Jetpack wordpress analytics plugin


Jetpack is a multipurpose wordpress plugin. it’s not connected with your google analytics. It shows a little amount of data for free users. jetpack will show you everyday visitors’ graph. You can also see the monthly visitors. Its graph shows one month of visitors. With the help with jetpack you can find out which page or post user visit and for how many times.

It displays widgets on the wordpress dashboard. In those widgets, it shows your daily and previous visitors. You will need a account to start with the jetpack. Easy to install and user-friendly.

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StatCounter – Free Real Time Visitor Stats

best analytics plugin for wordpress

If you hover over above plugins then try StatCounter. Install ana connect with StatCounter by signing up with their website. It is a cloud-based website stats counter service which offers a basic website statistics service.

This plugin also shows daily traffic, traffic source referral link, devices, browsers and also location. It is easy to use but lacks the advanced features that you get from other analytics solutions. For example, eCommerce tracking, affiliate link tracking, goals and event tracking, and more.

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