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When the questions come How to Get a Free SSL Certificate? You can find many answers and ways. This article is written to give you step by step suggestions how you can get a free SSL certificate your your website.

SSL is very important for every website because Search engines give priority to SSL based website. Without SSL / HTTPS you will never get a good rank from google.

So, Install free SSL to your website.

Create a free SSL certificate

  • Go to your website Dashboard
  • Hover on “plugins” and Click On “Add new”
create sitemap
  • Search in to search bar “SSL Zen
yoast seo
  • After Install and Active this plugin You will Fine an Option “SSL Zen”
  • Click On “SSL Zen”
free ssl certificate for domain
This page will show after click SSLZone. This is the website details. You don’t need to change anything.
  • Click On “Next”
  • Click On “Agree to Terms and conditions”
domain verification
  • Select HTTP verification
domain verification
  • Download the File for verification
  • Create A folder to public_Html on Cpanel
  • Log In to “Cpanel”
  • Go to File Manager
  • Click On “public_html”/ Your website name folder like my Website folder name is “Wpblog”
  • In your Website named folder, you will see another folder named “.well-known” Click On it if not Then Creat
free ssl certificate for website
  • Create a new folder “acme-challenge” into .well-Known Folder. If already available then just click on the folder.
creat cpanel folder
  • Upload The Download file into “acme-challenge” Folder
  • Back to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • After Upload Click On “Verify” Into SSL Zen plugin.
free ssl certificate for website

If it verifies properly then it will look like this

get free ssl certificate
  • Click Next And You will see this message
create free ssl certificate

Your SSL certificate has been created. It will send it to your email.

free ssl certificate generator

Certificate generator

  • Download “” File
  • Extract the Zip File
get free ssl certificate
  • Go back to Cpanel and Search “SSL”
best free ssl certificate
  • Click on “SSL/TLS
free trusted ssl certificate
  • Click “Manage SSL Site
generate ssl certificate

Get Certificate:

  • Go to “ file”
free ssl certificate for domain
  • Copy The code

Private Key:

how to get https for free
  • Copy the “Private Key Code” paste

After paste Certificates and Private key Click “Install Certificate”

get free ssl certificate
It’s shown if you install successfully

Go back to SSL Zen and Click Next. It will show like this and your SSL is active.

free ssl certificate for domain

Your SSL is active. You can use these certificates for 3 months and you have to renew it every 3 months. You can renew it like this after every three months no matter how many times you want. These plugins generate free trusted SSL certificates.

How do I install a new SSL certificate?

There are a few steps to follow if you want to install an SSL certificate. First, download your SSL certificate. You will get three things SSL certificate, Private key, and ca-bundle.
Then Log in to your Cpanel.
Search SSL.
Then click on SSL/TLS and after that click on the manage SSL certificate.
Don’t panic you are already done.
Select your domain like…. This type).
Then paste your certificate, Private key, and ca-bundle and click install certificate.

Is Name cheap Offer free SSL?

Yes/Not. Name cheap provide free SSL certificate with their hosting plan for the first year. After that, you have to buy an SSL certificate.

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