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SEO is very much important for a website ranking in Google or other search engines. For better SEO optimization all we need better SEO plugin or tools. Know about the best free SEO plugin for WordPress. WordPress is a popular CMS platform and more than 70% of the websites all over the world use WordPress. That’s why We choose SEO plugin for WordPress.

Why Need SEO plugin?

SEO plugin or tools generally help you to do the best SEO optimization for your websites. Generally you can’t understand your content is properly optimized or not but By the using of search engine optimization tool you can properly know about your On-page optimization. On-page optimization is very much important for your website ranking. Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best free SEO plugins for WordPress. It helps you to de proper On-page optimization. Let’s know about more best plugins for blogs. Now, let’s know about the best free SEO plugin for WordPress.

Yoast SEO- Best free SEO plugin for WordPress

best free seo plugin for wordpress

Yoast is one of the most popular plugins that used to increase SEO optimization. More than 135 millions of people use this plugin on their website. Yoast is free to use. You can amazing features by using Yoast SEO. You can create XML sitemap by Yoast SEO. It will also tell how great you can write your article. Your SEO analysis and Readability analysis score.

best seo plugin wordpress

Google ADS Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner used to research for keywords. For your website, you need keywords to write your topic. You can get the keyword suggestion from the Keyword Planner. You will know to keyword Average monthly search. Maximum and minimum search.

best seo tools for wordpress

You will know the competition level of each keyword. Google Ads Keyword Planner is completely free to use. You can find your unlimited keyword for your website. See Google Ads Keyword planner.

Keyword revealer best SEO tools for WordPress

best seo for wordpress

keyword revealer is generally used for research keyword. You can use this tool for free. You can find out keywords difficulty, related keyword ideas, monthly volume, volume trends and Cost per click.

By using this plugin you don’t need to go any other SEO tools. It will show all the necessary things you will need. See more…

Google Trends best free SEO plugin for WordPress

seo optimization tools

You have enough keyword to write your content but if the keyword is not trendy then it will not rank very well and it also can’t grab traffic.

location can be select in google trends and also can select the duration of the search. Also can also compare keywords.

search engine optimisation tool

Google trends help you to find out region and sub-region interest. By using these SEO optimization tools you can know which country people are very interested in this topic. By using this method you can grab unlimited traffic.

Those plugin and tools are best for your website SEO. You can do the best SEO optimized by using these plugin and tools. These are the primary and advance level tools. If you are a beginner at seo then these tools are very much helpful for your site ranking. Use these best SEO tools for WordPress website and make your website well known. Grap unlimited traffic and earn more. See more plugins best for your blogging websites. Want to add live chat plugin to your website? See best live chat plugin for WordPress.


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