Best free blogging platform to make money

Nowadays blogging is a popular platform to make money but making handsome money from blogging all of us needs the best free blogging platform. There are a lot of popular cms platforms available like Joomla!, Drupal, and many more. Before starting a blog we need a platform where we can post our blogs, customize it when necessary, need a theme to install and need necessary plugins for different purposes.

If we can do the above things then we can start a blog peacefully and properly. The good news is you can do all of the above things on a free blogging platform.

In this article, we will explore “Best free blogging platform to make money in 2021”. Stay tune and read the whole article…

“WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet. It is the third most used technology for web development the popularity of WordPress based on…know more..”

― Freelancinggig

How can I start a blog?

Before start blogging, we need a place to start a blog. First, we need a hosting and a domain. Hosting is a place where our website content will save. The domain is a unique name. People will know our website though domain. For a newly starting website, we can start with a cheap hosting like shared hosting or Managed wordpress hosting. We have to buy a domain also. The most preferable domain extension is .com. Try to buy the dot com domain for your website. The dotcom domain takes around $10.

Which Platform is best to start a blog?

There are so many platforms from where you can start your blogging for free. But most of them are not so good at making money. For making money and start a business through blogging all of us need a professional platform. This platform provides us security, free service, free authority, and many things. So, think about all of the sites and visitors we choose This is the best blogging platform to make money. Millions of websites create by WordPress and they perform so well.

Start with a good web hosting is a boost for a website. Get best website hosting for your blog.

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Reasons Why WordPress Best free blogging platform

Millions of website owners choose WordPress for their website because of some reason. Now I am gonna break down all of the reasons why people choose WordPress to start their website and why WordPress is good for blogs.

There are so many free platforms for blogging they provide the domain with their name extensions and hosting. But they are not professional. They used it as a testing site. Starting blogging for money here you need to be professional. You need your own domain and identity. With a domain and hosting you need a website. Making a perfect website you will need themes and plugins. If you hire a web developer and make your website then it will cost around $500-$1000, sometimes more than us your demand.

WordPress is free and Freedom

Wordpress is the est free blogging platform

WordPress is the best free blogging platform. You know what when I want to start my first website I only have $25 and I don’t know anything about WordPress or Hosting or other staff.

So I start from the beginning and I am going to explain to you as a primary school copy to understand you properly. Let’s get started. Nothing is complicated…

WordPress is a completely free platform to start your blog. You can run WordPress in two way Offline and Online.

Offline means you can practice your blog or other things offline without publishing on the Search engine. I am not going to that.

let’s talk about Online. On line means my website. It is online. You can see my posts to search engine result and you can read it and share your thought.

Online also has two kinds one is accessed from the WordPress website. Here you can start your website by going on that link and its completely free.

On the other hand, If you have hosting and domain then you can install WordPress on your hosting from your cPanel. It is also free.

In the end, it doesn’t matter where you start but you will always get for free. Some software offers free service but takes charge of a premium or gives 3 or 6-month free access like Shopify but In the case of WordPress, it’s totally free. No charges for premium access and no free access limit.

Most user friendly and easy to setup

Wordpress blogging platform is user friendly

Giving free access without any charge sometimes makes us think is it really good? If it’s good then it should take charges. Giving free access doesn’t prove the platform is good.

Now explain the second reason WordPress is more user friendly and easy to setup.

WordPress is one-click install software. When you want to install WordPress from cPanel its just one click for your choice and give your email and domain name. That’s it, your WordPress website is ready and its almost live.

WordPress on WordPress website is also easy to setup. Just complete your information like Facebook and give domain name information and you are ready to go.

Off line installation is quite complicated process but that not our concern.

Now let’s talk about maintenance. WordPress is a platform where you can run your website without knowing any code. So it should be easy, well managed, and friendly.

Trust me WordPress is an ever easy platform that you never use before. I work on Web development for 3 years and use many platforms but I get complete comfort from WordPress. Right now I am writing this blog post on WordPress.

You can learn complete management by spending 30 minutes. After completing a 30-minute class you will be the master of WordPress.

Free themes and Plugins available

wordpress has free themes and plugins

A Website complete with themes and plugins. You must need to install Word press theme to start a blog.

Read our complete guide to install WordPress theme manually

WordPress gives millions and thousands of plugins for free. In fact, every theme and plugin has free access.

Right now I am using 15 plugins and most of them are free. When I start my first website I use free plugins and themes for 1 year 7 months. No premium plugin and themes.

If you are planning to start your new website with a little budget then WordPress is the perfect platform to start because no one gives you free access like WordPress.

How many plugins and themes are available on WordPress? The answer is unlimited and whatever you need you will get.

Are they secure? Of course, they are. They might free but WordPress never allows spammy themes and plugins on their store.

WordPress is SEO friendly

wordpress is seo friendly

SEO is the key to every website. If you are running a website then One thing will always worry you that is SEO. Your web Traffic or visitors depends on SEO ranks.

For the SEO WordPress is a plus point. WordPress has some build-in features that will make your Website SEO friendly. Like responsive, Sceha markup, Alt tags, permalink, featured images, and etc.

WordPress gives you thousands of dollars of SEO service without any cost. there is one plugin also Available on WordPress which is called Yoast SEO. This is a free SEO plugin available on WordPress and it will give you complete SEO service that is not available on other platforms.

Then WordPress has a build-in Page builder that will help you to design your post and pages according to your choice. Without any code, you can make your perfect website that catches sales and traffic.

Best blogging platform to make money

After all of the things, one questions arrive that is Which blogging platform is best for making money? or How do free blogs make money? or WordPress is good for making money?

Yes, WordPress is the first and top choice for affiliate markets and bloggers. WordPress has all in one place that you need to maintain a website smoothly.

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You need theme? Then choice your favourite one. You don’t like your themes one part then go to the customize section and change it according your need.

You need new features? Ok well Install plugins according to your requirments. You need landing page to inchrease your traffic and sell? Then install free page builder and make a beautiful and user friendly landing page within an hour.

You don’t have enough knowledge on SEO? Okk then install Yoast SEO plugin or other plugins to make your site SEO friendly. The plugings will tell you what you need to do. Where you should improve.

Worried about Google Adsense? Don’t worry WordPress is familiar with Google Adsense. You can check my website. I have lots of google ads. See how can you Optimize your Adsense revenue in WordPress Website.

Does every Affiliate platform accept WordPress? yes of course. If you share your affiliate link on Facebook or other social media directly then you get banned from affiliate service but if you write a post on WordPress and paste affiliate link then no affiliate website will ban you.

So you can make money with your WordPress blog without any problem.

How to make money from blogging?

There are many ways to earn money by blogging. The most popular way is affiliate marketing. You can choose a product like a mobile phone, dresses, electronics, and accessories, etc. You can blog about this product and add a link. If anyone buys a product from your link you can get a commission.

Another way of making money from blogging is Google Adsense. Adsense is showing ads on your website. If you approved by Google Adsense then you can display ads on your website. Google pays 51% commission. If anyone clicks on those ads or see ads then google will pay you. It’s an easy way to make money through blogging. Your earning will increase when your website gets more traffic.

WordPress vs Blogger – Which one is better?

wordpress vs blogger

WordPress and Blogger both are the best free blogging platform and popular also. When I want to start my first blogging website, that time I was only 17 and was in school. I hadn’t money to buy Domain and hosting. Then I was looking for the best free blogging platform and found Blogger as a relief.

WordPress is one of the best free blogging platforms, Now prove is Blogger also the best free blogging platform?

Very easy to start and completely free and the best part is I don’t need to buy Domain and hosting. After blogging about 3 months on Blogger I realize I need more than that because this platform is not enough for a perfect website.

Highlight the best part:

You don’t need to buy any domain and Hosting. No server speed pain, no hosting, and the domain expired pain. Here everyone is using the same speed hosting.

You can Register your own Domain name. It’s super easy to control and write blog posts. A 10 years old kid can run the Blogger platform.

The Worst part is there are no plugins available on Blogger to add new features.

Trend of WordPress and Blogger

wordpress vs blogger trend

As you see the result. WordPress is the top priority to the people and day by day the popularity of Blogger decreases.

Now I am going to compare between WordPress and Blogger. This comparison will help you make a decision on why you should choose WordPress and help you to believe WordPress is good for blogs.

Is Blogger free and Freedom?

As I said WordPress is free and has complete freedom to use. So, at the time when I compare with WordPress then I should make sure Blogger is free and has complete freedom.

Yes, Blogger is free and has Complete freedom to use but Blogger is compact. WordPress has hundreds of options to monetize your website and make it as you want. In the Blogger you can’t customize your website like WordPress.

See the interface of Blogger and WordPress:

best free blogging platform

As you see Both interfaces has a lot of difference. WordPress comes with tons of features and Blogger comes with little feature. Actually, the blogger is the platform where a beginner can start. WordPress is always a professionals choice.

Now jump to the next Point.

Are Blogger Easy to use and Setup?- WordPress vs Blogger

When its about WordPress vs Blogger then we must discuess about user experience and setup.

Trust me, One thing is great about Blogger that is, It is easier than open a Facebook account and it’s easier to maintain. You don’t need any basic knowledge to write a blog post on Blogger or manage your website.

In the WordPress website, we have to submit a website to Google Analytics, Search engine webmaster tools, and Adsense for Google Ads. You don’t need to do anything on Blogger. Blogger is google based platform so it automatically does everything. You just have to set a domain name and publish your post.

Themes and Plugins- WordPress vs Blogger

wordPress vs Blogger

Blogger has some themes collection around 20 to 30 or so. When it comes to WordPress it has 100 thousand or so. Day by day the number os WordPress themes increases but Bloggers’ themes are almost the same.

WordPress has free and premium themes but all of the themes in Blogger are free to use.

Do Blogger themes have customization options like WordPress? No, You can change the whole theme when it’s about WordPress theme but in the case of Blogger, you can change a very little.

Blogger platform has no plugins, where WordPress has thousands.

Can you make money through bloggers like WordPress?

Yes, You can. WordPress and Blogger have day and night different but here both offer the same opportunities.

You can make Ad-sense earnings along as Affiliate marketing. there are more than 20 methods you can earn money from a blog.


Is WordPress good for blogs? In this article, I prove that WordPress is good for the blog. Here I show all of the reasons why WordPress is best. Here I describe a term WordPress vs Blogger. This term is needed to explain because Blogger was one of the best free blogging platforms.

At the end of the article, its clear WordPress is good for the blog, and Blogger is a beginner’s choice not for professionals. Always be professional because a blog can make your life.

If you have any questions then please comment below, We are always here to answer your questions.

People also ask:

Is blogging or WordPress better for making money?

Both offer the same make money-making opportunities. So WordPress vs Blogger both is better for making money. As a professional, I always suggest choosing WordPress. Blogger is completely free to start but it has limitations. Blogger has limited themes, no plugins, and little customization options, where WordPress is a game-changer.

When people ask is WordPress good for blogs, my answer is always “Yes”.

Is WordPress good for blogs? Wordpress vs Blogger
Article Name
Is WordPress good for blogs? Wordpress vs Blogger
Know why Wordpress good for your blogs. Is it more useful then Blogger or not. I am going to break down Is WordPress good for Blogs? What is the best free blogging platform? WordPress vs Blogger
Publisher Name
Hey, I am the guy behind Actually, when I start using Wordpress I was very curious about customizing my website with New themes and Add new features with plugins but I always try to do things with free themes and plugins. Every time I try to figure out the best themes and plugins I faced different problems and gain different kinds of experiences. That's why I decided to start a blog where I will share and suggest the best theme and plugins so that you can find the best things for your websites.

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