Best blogging platform to make money-making money from a blog

Nowadays blogging is a popular platform to make money but making handsome money from blogging all of us needs the best platform. There are many ways to earn money from blogging. Google ads, affiliate marketing, Ads marketing, etc. Before earn money form those sources we have to follow some procedures.

  1. How can I start a blog?
  2. Which Platform is best to make money?
  3. Why we choose wordpress as the best blogging platform?
  4. Unlimited of free wordpress themes
  5. Unlimited free wordpress plugins
  6. How to make money from blogging?

How can I start a blog?

Before start blogging, we need a place to start a blog. First, we need a hosting and a domain. Hosting is a place where our website content will save. The domain is a unique name. People will know our website though domain. For a newly starting website, we can start with a cheap hosting like shared hosting or Managed wordpress hosting. We have to buy a domain also. The most preferable domain extension is .com. Try to buy the dot com domain for your website. The dotcom domain takes around $10. Buy a domain from $1

Which Platform is best to make money?

There are so many platforms from where you can start your blogging for free. But most of them are not so good at making money. For making money and start a business through blogging all of us need a professional platform. This platform provides us security, free service, free authority, and many things. So, think about all of the sites and visitors we choose This is the best blogging platform to make money. Millions of websites create by wordpress and they perform so well.

Why we choose wordpress as the best blogging platform?

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For starting blogging us of us need a website. There are so many free platforms for blogging they provide the domain with their name extensions and hosting. But they are not professional. They used it as a testing site. Starting blogging for money here you need to be professional. You need your own domain and identity. With a domain and hosting you need a website. Making a perfect website you will need themes and plugins. If you hire a web developer and make your website then it will cost around $500-$1000, sometimes more than us your demand.

For starting a new blogging site it’s very costly. Here wordpress comes as a relief. After buying a domain and hosting they will provide Cpanel hosting and from there you can install wordpress cms as your control panel. See how to create a wordpress website.

Unlimited of free wordpress themes

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WordPress provides unlimited free themes. After starting your blog you can choose any theme as your choice. There are thousands of free themes that help you to grab consumers’ attention. Best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing. Fast wordpress theme that helps you to make your website faster. Best wordpress photography theme.

Unlimited free wordpress plugins

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Plugins is a software that helps you to make your website more attractive and functional. It adds more features to your website. WordPress provides free plugins for your website. There are a lot of free plugins in wordpress. If you want to add a feature it’s so easy. Download and install it on your website. Moreover, wordpress makes an easy platform to start blogging. Not only blogging you can start any kind of website by wordpress. Top 10 wordpress plugins that help you to start your blog. Best free SEO plugin for wordpress. Best live chat plugin.

Tips: Speed up your wordpress website.

How to make money from blogging?

There are many ways to earn money by blogging. The most popular way is affiliate marketing. You can choose a product like a mobile phone, dresses, electronics, and accessories, etc. You can blog about this product and add a link. If anyone buys a product from your link you can get a commission. Best affiliate marketing places are:,,,, Envato marketplace, etc. This is the most popular affiliate marketplace.

Another way of making money from blogging is Google Adsense. Adsense is showing ads on your website. If you approved by Google Adsense then you can display ads on your website. Google pays 51% commission. If anyone clicks on those ads or see ads then google will pay you. It’s an easy way to make money through blogging. Your earning will increase when your website gets more traffic.

If your website has enough traffic then many website owners want to contact you to display or linked their website. You can take money to display ads on their websites. You also can make money by linking their website to your website. That’s how you can make more money through a blogging website. You can choose three of these ways to make money.

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