The easiest way to add Google AdSense to wordpress

Are you troubling to add Google Adsense to your wordpress website? Here comes the solution. This article will help you to add Adsense to your wordpress website step by step. Here we goo..

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to monetize your website. If you want to make money from it then add Google AdSense to WordPress website.

It is very easy to set up and very much easy to earn money. All of you just have to put some ads code on your website.

When people click on your website ads you will get the commission.

From this article, you will be able to know how to set up Google AdSense on the website. How google gives commission to their customers. FAQ’a about set up Google Adsense and general problem solve of Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertisement network run by Google because google always values content. It is a platform for bloggers and website owners to earn money by display Ads.

Google Adsense is a free platform. You don’t need to contact advertisers you just have to create an AdSense account and placed ads on your website.

Google will automatically display Ads based on your website niche. Google offers CPC(Cost per click). That means you earn money every time when visitors click Ads on your Website.

What we need to know to Add Google AdSense to WordPress

  1. Create a Google Adsense account
  2. Getting Started with Google Adsense
  3. Create different Google Ads
  4. Submit multiple accounts to Google Adsense
  5. Add Google Adsense to WordPress
  6. Best plugin to placed Google Ads
  7. Reasons to banned from Google
  8. How to make handsome money from Google Adsense
  9. FAQ’s about google Adsense

Create a Google Adsense Account

Creating a Google Adsense account is very easy and you don’t have to face any difficult issues. So start with Google Adsense

add google adsense to wordpress

For creating google account first you have to visit Google Adsense and click on get started.

After that it will go to you on the next page then you have to give your website address and email address. Then click ok on “Yes, send me customized help and performance suggestions ” and then click Save and Continue.

By doing all of these things correctly google Adsense will go to you on the next page and ask you to select your country and accept their terms and condition.

Bingo, You just create your google account. Doing all of these things correctly google will take some time to approve your website.

You have to submit your tax information, account information if you have.

Google gives you a track id you just have to place the id between the <head></head> on your theme.

Can I add Google Adsense to my free wordpress blog?

No, You can’t add Google Adsense to my free wordpress blog. Google and WordPress both will not accept it.

Your account will be rejected again and again. If you really want to earn money from Adsense then you need a premium website. It doesn’t matter its wordpress site or not.

Getting Started

When google accepts your Adsense account then you will be able to work with AdSense function. Here you can see the AdSense features that help you to run your account easily.

getting started with google adsense

At the Home page, you will see your balance. Here you can see your total balance, daily balance, and weekly balance.

Below the home button, you will figure out the Ads button. In the Ads button, you can create your google ads and see your site.

After that Sites, button helps you to find how many sites are active now on your Adsense account and you also add a new website.

Other buttons used for many purposes but these buttons are generally used in daily use. When you have to survey or change your account setting then you have to pass through this button.

Create different Google Ads

There are three different types of ads available in google Adsense. Each of them shows ads differently.

google ads wordpress

Display Ads: Display advertising is advertising on websites or apps or social media through banners or other ad formats made of text, images, flash, video, and audio. The main purpose of display advertising is to deliver general advertisements and brand messages to site visitors.

In-feed Ads: In-feed is a format that you place inside your feed to help monetize your site and provide a better user experience to your visitors. Typically, you place In-feed ads in between the content of your feed, or where your feed begins or ends. As visitors scroll down your content they encounter In-feed ads.

In Article Ads: In the article is a Google-optimized ad format that helps you put native ads between the paragraphs of your pages. The in-article Ads placed as like as a picture some times people get confused and click on that Ads and you got a better commission for clicking Ads.

How to create your Google Ads: Here we show an example of display Ads. First Go to Ads and Overview then Click By Ad unit then select any of three. Personally, I prefer Display Ads because it’s present on the website display beautifully and helps to make more money.

  1. After Click on Display Ads, This is the interface.
  2. Give a unique name so that you can find this Ad easily.
  3. Select responsively. Responsive ads placed depend on your display size.
  4. You are done.
  5. Click Create then Copy the Ad code and placed on your Post.

Submit multiple accounts to Google Adsense

If you have one Google AdSense account then you can add multiple websites in one account. There is no limitation. You just have to follow some instruction-

  1. Click Sites on Google Adsense
  2. Click On Add Site
  3. Enter Your website Url
  4. Then Google will give you a tracking code copy and paste it on between <head></head>
  5. You are done. Wait for your approval email.
add multiple account on google adsense

Add Google Adsense to WordPress

Add google ads to WordPress depending on your choice where you want to place your ads. There are so many different ways to place your ads. You can place it on your post or sidebar.

Placed ads on your post: First, create your ads code from google Adsense then copy the code. Come to your post and click on Code editor then paste your code where you want to show your ads. A picture added to show you

add google ads to wordpress

Placed Ads On a sidebar: Sidebar is one of the most popular placed to show Ads and it is very profitable. For placing ads on Sidebar, you have to follow some simple instructions

Placed Ads to post
  1. Select Appearance and Click on Widgets
  2. Select Custom Html and Placed at the sidebar
  3. Copy Ads code and Paste at Custom Html
  4. Press Save and wait for showing the Ads

Sometimes ads take 15-30 min to show on display. No need to worry it’s normal.

Best plugin to placed Google Ads to WordPress

It is very hard to placed ads on the post again and again.

If you ads too many ads on your website then it is causing you to slow down your website. Now, what will we do?

In that case, we have to show some ads in different places. How can We do that? Yes, there is hope.

We can use WordPress Adsense plugins to shows ads of different places.

People ask how to add Google AdSense code to wordpress?

Here is the solution Step by Step…

You just have to paste the ads code and select the location. The plugin automatically shows your ads on those places.

Ad inserter plugin

Download the Ad Inserter free WordPress plugin to show your Ads.

This plugin is easy to use you have to paste your Ad code and select the location.

You have to insert where the Ads will show Before post or After post etc and Alignment center, left or right.

How to add Google AdSense code to wordpress header?

Generally, every theme provides a Place or slot for Header Ads. They also tell a size.

If your Theme didn’t provide you the Header Ads slot then Follow these steps.

  1. Select “Appearance” and click on “Customize”
  2. Click on “Widgets”(It’s different based on Theme)
  3. Take the new “Text” Block
  4. Copy Ads Code From Google Adsense. Size mostly used(720×90)
  5. Paste the code on the Text Bar
  6. It takes 30 mins to show on the webpage

Reasons to banned from Google

banned from google
  1. Posting duplicate content
  2. Easy traffic tricks
  3. Keyword Spanning
  4. Bad linking
  5. Fake traffic
  6. Buying Links

How to make handsome money from Google Adsense

add google ads to wordpress

Many website owners make handsome money from Google AdSense ads. It doesn’t require any age. You just have to write content and placed ads on your website. If you want to earn a good amount then you need to follow some steps

  1. Fast loading website
  2. Adsense friendly WordPress theme
  3. Place Ads in the right place
  4. Get traffic

Fast loading Website: Fast loading website is very important because if your site loads slowly then you will lose traffic. Adsense earns depend on your traffic. If you have so much traffic then you can earn a lot.

If you want to load your website fastly then you need fast website hosting. There are so many hosting plans available in different hosting providers. But we prefer Namecheap hosting. It is very fast and budget-friendly. Buy Namecheap hosting and make your website super fast. See different hosting reviews.

If you are trying to make your website faster then the fastest WordPress theme is also needed. See 25 fast loading WordPress themes.

Adsense Friendly WordPress theme: Adsense theme is different from another theme because this theme’s main target is shown ads to the client. In these themes so many ads slot available to display ads. Adsense WordPress themes are so very fast.

Storycle Elementor WordPress Theme

Adsense wordpress theme

Storcle is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is very well known for Adsense Ads. There are so many demos available in this theme. You can choose any of them as you want. Storycle is an Elementor WordPress Theme, built with powerful drag and drop Elementor page builder, which doesn’t require touching a single code line. Fully responsive for any kind of device so that all of your Ads will place different sizes easily. Attached sidebar, so all of your ads will be attached to your sidebar easily. This theme helps you to get more CPC. A $100+ price plugin comes with this theme. Download this theme if you want to earn more.

Monstroid Adsense WordPress theme

wordpress theme for google Adsense

Monstroid is one of the popular and best-selling WordPress themes. This theme is specially created for multipurpose work. You can build any kind of website theme by this theme. This theme is powered by Jet plugins for elementor. So many premium plugins packed with this theme. Fully responsive and customizable.The colorful design and multiple Ads slot to show Ads. There are also header Ads available. Moreover, this theme will help you to make more money from Adsense. Buy this theme from template monster.

Place Ads in the right place: Ads placement is one of the major things for making a handsome figure of money. Suppose you placed your ads where usually people don’t visit then how can you get click on Ads? You have to place your Ads top of the theme. The sidebar is the best place to shows Ads. You can also place Ads on your pot. Place Ads top of the post and middle of the post. Careful too many Ads are harmful to the website and earning. Don’t place 5-10 Ads on one page. 2-3 Ads place on one page.

Get traffic: Traffic is very important if you try to make money from Google Adsense. Increase your traffic through proper keyword research. Share your content on different social media. By sharing on social media you can get traffic. Always write unique content. If your content is unique then google will give you a good rank and it will increase your traffic. It not only increases your traffic but also googles gives you a better AdSense bonus. If you have duplicate content then it’s possible Google will ban your website.

How do I add Google AdSense on YouTube?

First, you need a youtube channel if you want to add google Adsense on youtube. If you have a channel then follow the next steps.

You have to link your YouTube channel with Google AdSense to get ads on your videos and earn money but there are some terms for youtube.

First, you should have at least 4000 hours watch time videos and 1000 organic Subscribers. After that, you can monetize your youtube channel.

Don’t get fake visitors and subscribers. Google algorithm is very much fast and smarter than you. Always be unique with your content. Don’t upload a copy content.

Why Google AdSense rejected my application?

There are several reasons to reject your application. Easily I can say that if your website doesn’t meet the AdSense program policies or their terms and conditions then google will reject your application.

There are some major factors like duplicate content, fake traffic, paid backlinks, etc. If your content harm Google terms and condition then your application will be rejected.

What are the requirements to get Google AdSense application approved?

First of all your content should be unique.
You have to work through google policy. If any work harm google Adsense policy then they will reject your application
The website should be at least 6 months old
Applicant must be over 18 years old
At least 10-15 unique content

FAQ’s about google Adsense

What’s the best AdSense Ad Size?

google adsense revenue

Adsense Ads size is totally your choice but nowadays Google provides a new feature that responsive. Responsive Ads placed depend on your website layouts. You don’t need to place a size google will automatically measure a size.

Can I click on my own Google AdSense Ads?

Yes, you can click on your own Google Ads but it will not give you money. On the other hand, if you try to click on your Ads by your family members and friends again and again then google, will ban your Adsense account. If you also click on your Ads too much then google give you a penalty. Don’t do that. Google’s algorithm is very smart and knows when you’re clicking on your own ad. This can get you banned from the program.

When and how does Google AdSense pay publishers?

Google basically provides monthly payments to their publishers. Google shows daily and weekly earnings and pays the total amount. There is also another method that many publishers set a limit of $100,$500. If you seta limit then you will get your payment after you earn that amount of money but it will also be monthly. Google always pays its publishers monthly.

What is the difference between Google AdSense vs Google AdWords?

Google Adsense is Google Ads platform and Google Adwords is generally used to place your Ads. If you want to make an Ads for your company then you will use Adwords for keyword research and create Ads campaign for your company.
Google Adsense is different from Adwords. From Google Adsense, you can earn money by showing Ads on your website.

Can I have two Adsense Account?

Yes, You can have more than two accounts. It’s not a problem but You can’t add one website to multiple Adsense account. You can add multiple websites on one Adsense account. Be careful, don’t add one website to multiple google Adsense account.

Can I add Google AdSense in my blog?

You can’t add google ads to because WordPress doesn’t allow you to add Google AdSense to your website unless you upgrade your plan to a business plan.
If you like our add Google AdSense to WordPress post then share it on your social media like facebook and twitter. help you, friend, to read this article if they need it. Connect with us on facebook. Suggest us in the comment box or email us. If you have any question then feel free to ask us.


This article tells you how can you properly add Google Adsense to your wordpress website step by step. It includes all the major things that you should know.

If you don’t understand anything comment below. I will try to give you the answer.

If you like it feel free and share it.

Add Google AdSense to wordpress
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Add Google AdSense to wordpress
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